Conversations Abroad

Templeton Scholar, Jonny Shenk, hikes the mountains of New Zealand during his semester abroad.

Freshman Adirondacks Trip

Every year, Templeton welcomes its freshmen with a trip to the Adirondacks where together they will prepare for the important four years ahead.

If humans are fallen, how far have we fallen?

Can God’s existence be proven?

How many dimensions are there?

Do animals have rights?

Are we alone in the universe?

Do history and myth share the same foundation?

Is morality hardwired into the brain?

Why do we dream?

When does death begin?

Are neutrinos their own antiparticles?

Can the laws of physics be unified?

How far should we strive to extend human life?

Why should I be good?

Is social media making us more or less human?

If nothing moved, would there be time?

Why is the Bible authoritative?

If we reached utopia, would we know it?

Is limitless choice bondage or freedom?

Who is my neighbor in a global society?

Is theology biblical?

What determines species diversity?

Is study a form of worship?

How do you become creative?

Which is more real, math or persons?

Can fiction tell the truth?

Must Christians belong to the church?

Does doctrine matter?

Is marriage better than singleness?

Do I want to be like my parents?

What is the point of education?

Are some people better than others?

Why is there music?

Where is heaven?

What is the point of art?

Do we create meaning?

Did God intend evil?

Does God take innocent life?

Is there such a thing as just war?

Can good Christians be good lawyers?

If God exists, how can there be evil?

Must God be good?

Does observation alter an event?

How did life begin?

Is hell literal or figurative?

Should we try to change the world?

Who or what is the State?

What causes reversals in Earth’s magnetic field?

Does learning have to be boring?

Do we really have free will?

Is democracy the best government?

Where is home?

Where is Jesus’ body now?

Is inequality injustice?

Should I obey an unjust law?

Should everyone go to college?

Are questions dangerous?

What will trusting Christ cost?

Are we all essentially alone?

Are emotions a product of the will?

Can time be stopped?

Should Christians vote?

Can we trust our reason?

Is wealth a form of injustice?

Is taxation a form of theft?

Is poverty inevitable?

Are there some things we should not know?

What is a person?

Do all people want to be happy?

What is happiness?

What don’t I know?

Is there a right way to seek power?

Do I know how to love well?

Should all the Bible be taken literally?

Are there other dimensions?

Are there necessary evils?

Why do I do what I don’t want to do?

Should Christians believe in evolution?

Are men and women in essence different?

Is debt wrong?

Is the future real or hypothetical?

Who do I want to become?

Are numbers real?

What makes us human?

Is it better to love or be loved?

Should I obey an unjust law?

Can God change his mind?

Are myths by definition false?

Is justice fairness?

Can we change our nature?

Does science oppose faith?

Does a Christian education matter?


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