Vision Statement


Are Templeton students still part of Eastern?

Definitely.  The Templeton Honors College is part of Eastern University, and all our students are simultaneously enrolled in Eastern’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), where they take their major.  Fully a part of broader undergraduate life, Templeton students share housing, campus services, opportunities and activities with all the other students in CAS.


Do I have to apply to Eastern’s College of Arts and Sciences separately?

Yes.  You must be accepted into Eastern’s College of Arts and Sciences before you can be granted admission into Templeton.  To apply follow this LINK


Scholarships? (How does this affect my financial aid package?)

The scholarship for students admitted to the Templeton Honors College is Eastern’s highest academic award, beginning at just over half-tuition.  Exceptional applicants may receive more than this, all the way up to a full-tuition scholarship.   The Templeton Honors College scholarship will replace any other academic award previously offered, and depending on student eligibility, Eastern may also award other need-based and merit-based aid.


When will I know whether I’ll be invited to interview?

Once we receive all your written application materials (including references and transcripts) we will review them and will notify you within 2 weeks regarding an interview. We will make sure to give you plenty of notice regarding the interview date that applies to you.  Please check the calendar to see what date you should hold open!  LINK


Do I need to send my transcript again?

No. We will make a copy of the transcript you originally sent Eastern.


Other than grades, what helps my application?

Essays.  Some students are not good test-takers, and their SAT/ACT scores and GPAs don’t reflect their abilities or their work ethic accurately.  Whether you were valedictorian and aced the SAT or are coming in rather below our stated requirements, the best way to convince us that you are wired for our college is to read Plato’s Crito and produce an essay that shows us you can grasp and grapple with it.


Can I take any major in CAS and still be in the honors college?

Yes.  Every traditional 4-year major that Eastern offers can be completed along with the Templeton curriculum in four years of study.  Engineering, a 5-year major in conjunction with Villanova, can also be completed, provided you are willing to complete Templeton requirements in 3 years.


Can I study abroad?

Yes! Studying abroad is not only allowed and encouraged, but required for all Templeton students. Eastern University has numerous established study away programs in a variety of countries as well as several domestic programs. Templeton students find themselves learning about public policy in Washington DC, becoming fluent in Spanish in Argentina, studying English literature at Oxford, doing economic development work in Rwanda, and learning about other cultures in countless different places across the globe.

Click here to see a list of Eastern University’s study away locations.

Templeton students are not limited to the pre-established programs either; some Templeton students choose to study abroad in other locations by finding other programs which meet the approval of Eastern University.

Most students study away either the fall or spring of their junior year, although some choose to go in their sophomore or senior year. While most programs are for one semester, some students may choose to go for a summer or for an entire year.


Is there any financial aid for the semester abroad?

Usually. Most scholarships and financial aid you receive extend to the semester abroad, but there may be some variation depending on the program.


What is the workload like?

The workload for Templeton students is heavy, but not unbearable. For the student who manages his/her time wisely and, moreover, enjoys learning, the work is not only manageable but enjoyable.

The Templeton course load includes extensive reading and writing. Most classes are discussion based, so students are expected to come to class each day having critically engaged with the reading and be prepared to discuss it. Templeton professors also have very high expectations for their students’ written work. They expect a lot from their students, but only because they are committed to their students’ success and desire that students increase in knowledge of God’s truth and grow in virtue.

While the work may sometimes be heavy, all work is completed within the context of the supportive Templeton community.


Will I have time to play sports and take part in extra-curricular activities?

Yes.  All college students have to learn to manage their time and their school work, but Templeton students are equally capable of making time for all sorts of activities outside of school. Many Templeton students play on Eastern’s sports teams, while others are involved in clubs, intramurals, music groups and various ministries at local churches.


Can I work on campus?

Yes. The majority of Templeton students hold part-time jobs during their time at Eastern. There are a variety of jobs available to students with and without federal work study. It is a student’s responsibility to apply for jobs. Updates about jobs available on campus are posted regularly on Eastern’s website. Templeton students have worked in the dining commons, Jammin’ Java (campus coffee shop), and library. You may also have the opportunity to work for professors as teaching or research assistants.

Many students also choose to take some space from Eastern’s campus and find jobs in the surrounding area. There are numerous retail and restaurant jobs available in the nearby town of Wayne, and as Eastern is located in a residential area, there are always families looking for childcare and yardwork help.


Are there internships available to Templeton students?

Yes, Templeton students have the opportunity to intern in a variety of fields. In the past students have interned for advertising agencies, financial firms, the district attorney’s office, museums in Philadelphia, and non-profit organizations.

The Templeton faculty and staff are deeply committed to the success of each undergraduate during college and after. As a result, they would be happy to help you find an internship. Templeton students are highly qualified; those interested in seeking out an internship usually have no problem finding one.


How does housing work?

Templeton students stay in the same residence halls as College of Arts and Science’s students.


Can I commute?

Yes, over the years we’ve had a good amount of students who’ve commuted from home to Eastern’s campus.


What’s the camping trip?

All Templeton students move in to their rooms a week earlier than most students in the College of Arts and Sciences, but we don’t stay in Philadelphia for that week. Instead, we pack ourselves, a bunch of tents and a lot food into a few vans and head up to the Adirondacks. We spend the week camping next to a beautiful lake and getting to know each other before classes start the week after.


Do people get jobs?  Get into grad school?

Yes. We care a great deal about what you do when you graduate, and we spend a lot of time and energy helping students into the areas they wish to pursue. You can read some bios of our graduates here, and see some statistics on what our students are doing six months after graduating here.


Does Templeton have semesters or trimesters?

Both Eastern and Templeton run on the semester plan. Students begin fall classes towards the end of August, leave in the second half of December, and come back in January to study until graduation in May. Exact dates in the calendar can be found on Eastern’s website here.


Can I visit Templeton?

Of course! We encourage students to visit, meet with our admissions counselor Paul Charles, and sit in on a class if possible. Visiting is the best way to get an idea of whether Templeton is the place for you, and you can schedule a visit through Eastern’s Admissions department here.


What if I can’t visit?

We understand that many students simply can’t make it to all the colleges they want to see. If you’re unable to visit Templeton it will not affect your chances of gaining a place in the program.


What is the faculty to student ratio?

In your first couple of years most of your Templeton classes will have 17 other students in them, and after that class sizes are reduced. Faculty regularly make themselves available to talk and discuss issues with students outside of class time. In addition to this, Templeton has its own dedicated support staff here to help and mentor you through the program.


What is the interview like?

Interviews for Templeton usually last 30-45 minutes, and are heavily focused on discussion. You will sit down with a couple of professors who will ask you questions and then talk with you about your responses. It is difficult to “prepare” for the interview, as we do not make the potential pool of questions available beforehand: all we ask is that you embrace the discussion and show us how you think.


What is the group interview?

The group interview is a chance for you to show how you interact with other students in a classroom setting. They will be another 6-10 students in the room, as well as a professor, as you all discuss a passage of literature.