Honors Forum

The purpose of Honors Forum is to provide opportunities for academic, spiritual, professional, social and cultural enrichment for honors students in community together.

On Fridays at 3:00pm, Templeton students across all four years gather for presentations on a wide range of topics from a panel, a guest lecturer, a professor, or a town hall meeting. The community hears from Advisory Council members and friends of the Honors College in a variety of professions and from scholars in many fields.

Our God pours his loving kindness over every place he has made, and will be glorified in all that is; we want to gain insight into every corner, where he would make his people recipients and instruments of his grace.

Past highlights have included: Mary Eberstadt  (Hoover Institution & Ethics and Public Policy Center), David Kinnaman (Barna Group), Christian Macelaru (Philadelphia Orchestra), Brenda Salter McNeil (Salter McNeil & Associates), Andrew Exum (Center for a New American Security), Mark Galli (Christianity Today), and Dr. Mimi Haddad (Christians for Biblical Equality), as well as panels on the medical profession, entrepreneurship, graduate school, and family life.

The Spring 2017 Honors Forum Schedule:

Events with an asterisk (*) beside the speakers name are worth 2 honors forum credits. Underlined events are mandatory for all students to attend. Note: Students are required to finish the semester with 10 Honors Forum units. Regular Friday forums will be worth one unit each, select lectures will be worth one or two units (depending on the lecture), and attendance at a cultural or professional event organized by Templeton is worth one unit.
Date Location Speaker Topic
1/13/17 Gough Great Room Dr. Phil Cary Traditional Christian Sexual Ethics
1/20/17 (12:00-1:00 PM) Eagle Great Room —– THC Strength Finder Freshman Cohort
1/20/17 Eagle Great Room Fr. John Ousley and Dr. John Armstrong The Reformation at 500
1/27/17  Gough Great Room Student Council  Service Learning Projects and Requirements
2/2/17 (7:30 PM) Warner Library Atrium Jonathan Zimmerman Agora Institute Lecture: How Did That Make You Feel? Psychology and Politics at the Administrative University
2/3/17 Gough Great Room David Bryant Who Needs Fairy Tales?
2/10/17 No Honors Forum – Winter Retreat
2/15/17 (7:30 PM) Warner Memorial Atrium Walter McDougall Agora Institute Lecture: American Heresies: Civil Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1776
2/17/17 Gough Great Room Walter McDougall How America’s Civil Religion Betrayed the National Interest
2/24/17 No Honors Forum – Spring Break
3/3/17 No Honors Forum – Spring Break
3/10/17 Gough Great Room Jonathan Yonan, Interviewed by Dr. Kristen Childers Faith Seeking Understanding
3/16/17 TBD Faith Forum with Phil Cary, Madeleine Harris, Katarina Rorstrom, Luke Megonigal Good News for Anxious Christians
3/17/17  Gough Great Room Jeff Dill and Mary Franks Elliot Constituting a New Public Realm: Homeschooling and Hannah Arendt’s Public/Private Distinction
3/22/17 (7:30 PM) Springton Lake Presbyterian Church Naomi Schaefer Riley Agora Institute Lecture: Childhood Interrupted: How We Can Raise Happier Healthier Kids With Less Technology
3/24/17 Gough Great Room Erika Kidd How to Talk to Your Father: Some Augustinian Counsel
3/31/17 Gough Great Room Martha Tucker, Jean Stromberg, Meghan Cokeley Women in Church Leadership
4/7/17 Gough Great Room Andrew Bilindabagabo Where Is Our Place?
 4/14/17  No Honors Forum – Easter Break
4/21/17 Harold Howard Center Templeton Honors College Seniors Senior Presentations