Named Scholarships

These endowed scholarships have been established to honor friends of the College by generous donors who value the education Templeton offers.

Those who wish to be considered for endowed scholarships must have submitted a completed application by the October 1, November 1, or January 1 deadline. Applicants, who are then invited to interview on or before January 27th and are accepted to Templeton, will be given the opportunity to apply for one of the endowed scholarships in addition to the award they are offered in their acceptance letters.

Students accepted by this early deadline will be invited to submit a letter of 250 words or fewer, describing their eligibility for one of the available endowed scholarships.  The details and deadlines for this will be outlined in the initial letter of acceptance to the Templeton Honors College.

The Peter Benoliel Scholarship for the Liberal Arts and Fine Arts

A former member of the Templeton Honors College Advisory Council, Mr. Benoliel has been CEO of Quaker Chemical Co. and Vice Chairman of The Philadelphia Orchestra Association. Mr. Benoliel is a magnanimous patron of the arts, a strong believer in classical liberal arts education, and a faithful friend of the students at the Templeton Honors College.
  • Eligibility: This scholarship is given to a student with an outstanding commitment to the arts, including the great books and the liberal arts tradition.
  • Current Benoliel Scholar: Emmy Marshall, Class of 2016
  • Not available again until Application Year 2015-2016

The John W. Boyer, Jr. Scholarship in Theology and Missions

John W. Boyer Jr. served as Chairman and CEO of Philadelphia Suburban Corp. and as CEO of Aqua Water Company. He is also an Emeritus member of the Eastern University Board of Trustees.
  • Eligibility: This scholarship is given to a student of scholastic merit with an interest in academic theology, pastoral ministry, or missions.
  • Current Boyer Scholar: Mason Waldhauser, Class of 2017
  • Not available again until Application Year 2016-2017

The Domenick-Paul Rowe Scholarship

The Domenick-Paul Rowe Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 to honor Domenick Rowe who graduated from the Templeton Honors College in 2004. As an alumnus, Domenick said he spent “the best years of my life at Eastern.”  He had a curiosity for learning that began as a child and his love of books and great writers expanded during his time at Templeton.  He traveled extensively, was comfortable discussing any topic, and believed in studying the languages of the countries he visited so those he met would feel most comfortable.  Domenick made many friends through his travels and during his years at Eastern.  He had broad intellectual interests and was accomplished in many areas. A man of varying talents, his family remembers him as a “Renaissance man.”  Whatever he did, he did with great passion.  Commenting on Domenick, one dear friend at Eastern wrote “I feel eternally blessed to have been a part of his life and it is an experience that will continue to inspire me—to be a bit more open, a bit more adventurous, a bit more like Domenick.  He was loved by us all and he will be missed.”
  • Eligibility: The Domenick-Paul Rowe Memorial Scholarship is a four year scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman with an interest in studying theology and languages. The successful candidate should also demonstrate a knowledge of and affection for other cultures and a heart for those less fortunate.
  • Current Scholar: Daniel LaVenture, Class of 2016
  • Not available again until Application Year 2015-2016