The Domenick-Paul Rowe Memorial Scholarship

Domenick-Paul Rowe

Established in 2011, the Domenick-Paul Rowe Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of the late THC Alumnus Domenick Rowe (’04). During his time at Eastern, Domenick was well known for his passion for languages and his love of other cultures. An extensive traveler, he studied the language of every country he visited.

While at Templeton, Domenick co-founded the Alpha Chi Lambda Society, a group of students who met each week to discuss the American ideals of individual freedom and personal responsibility. He also served as an intern and writer at the Institute for Global Engagement. During his senior year, Domenick spent time in Morocco studying Arabic through a program sponsored by the Arabic Language Institute in Fez and the University of Florida.

Domenick is remembered by his friends and family as being a “Renaissance man” with many wide-ranging interests. The scholarship established in his honor is a four-year scholarship awarded to one incoming freshman that expresses an interest in studying both theology and languages and has also demonstrated a knowledge of and interest in other cultures.

Daniel LaVenture

This year’s winner of the Domenick-Paul Rowe Memorial Scholarship is Daniel LaVenture. Like Rowe, LaVenture has traveled all over the world. His past destinations include Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and the Vatican, and Mexico. Though he has not yet officially declared a major, LaVenture is interested in pursuing an individualized study of linguistics, with a specific focus on the Slavic languages. LaVenture speaks Spanish and is interested in learning Hebrew and Ancient Greek.

LaVenture first learned about Eastern and the Templeton Honors College through the ministry of Shane Claiborne. LaVenture has found that the community of Eastern is an exact match to the personality he is looking for in a university: people who love to think and to learn, who take their faith and knowledge out into the world and serve their neighbors’ needs.

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