Os Guinness visits the THC

How do we live with our deep differences? This is the question that world-renowned theologian, author, and social critic Os Guinness poses to listeners in Eastern University’s Warner Library.

Over the course of his lecture, Guinness argues that learning to live with the massive differences that define cultures and countries, especially religious and ideological differences is the single greatest issue facing the world today. Guinness goes on to describe how freedom of thought and consciousness, what the great theologian Roger Williams called “soul freedom,” is the backbone of a true civility and a truly civil society.

Guinness also describes how soul freedom is being eroded away by Christians and non-Christians alike, largely due to society’s misunderstandings as to what civility actually is. In order to truly achieve soul freedom – not just for Christians and Americans, but for people of all nations and religions – we must first quash our misconceptions about civility, and then educate ourselves and the next generations on what it means to be truly free.

The son of Christian missionaries, Os Guinness was born in China in 1941. He holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from Oriel College, Oxford, and has authored and edited over 25 books.

Watch his lecture.

Guinness with Templeton scholars.

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