Templeton Welcomes Dr. Fred Putnam

Eastern University and the Templeton Honors College are deeply grateful and excited to announce the hire of Associate Professor, Dr. Frederic Putnam.  We could not be more pleased with the character, insight, teaching experience and steadfast passion of the faculty member we have gained.  His commitment to a gentle and godly pursuit of wisdom in community is immediately evident in every conversation, in his manner of listening as much as in his speech.

Dr. Yonan welcomes Dr. Putnam to the Templeton Honors College.

With a doctorate in Biblical Studies from the Annenberg Research Institute, Dr. Putnam has taught with a focus on Old Testament, Biblical Languages, and Wisdom Literature, at a number of seminaries and colleges, including Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, Westminster Theological Seminary, Bethel University, and his undergraduate alma mater, Philadelphia Biblical University (PBU).  His research interests include Moral Philosophy, Pedagogy & Education, and Discourse Analysis of biblical poetry and narrative.  His delights are broadly and deeply humane, and an overview of his leisure extends from fencing and marksmanship to early music, gardening, and Shakespeare.

He has published several reference works and textbooks on Classical (Biblical) Hebrew. He is working on a two-book set on biblical theology based on the metaphors of Scripture, with further projects of monographs on the interpretation of biblical poetry and a Christian view of education.

Dr. Putnam is looking forward to being at Eastern, and joins Templeton with enthusiasm for “its textually-based, interdisciplinary curriculum, seminar-based pedagogy, and Christian framework.”  “Since c. 1990,” he writes, “my pedagogy has become increasingly Socratic … focused on working together to a better understanding of this text that lies before us; it has always been interdisciplinary (even before I knew the term), based on the conviction that anything that exists is somehow related to every other aspect of the created order, so that all things illuminate all other things in some way and to some extent, since everything is the work of a personal God who reveals himself in and through all of creation, including the Bible.  All Christian education should assume this essential unity, even as we celebrate the accidents that yield the diversity of existence.”

Putnam introduces himself.

“My main passion in all this – whether in a formally constituted class … or in a ‘co-curricular’ conversation on any subject – is to foster an atmosphere in which men and women feel free and able to begin to become themselves, to become ‘who they already are’ (Josef Pieper), and so begin to realize the purposes of God in and for their own existence.”

Dr. Putnam is an ordained minister; he and his wife, Emilie, have three daughters, all of whom live in southeast Pennsylvania.  With building anticipation, we look forward to Dr. Putnam’s gracious, pastoral, and lively presence in our community, and to the blessing we know he will be in the classroom as he teaches OT and NT seminars in Templeton and will be available to teach upper division Biblical Studies courses in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Listen to Dr. Putnam’s thought’s on great education, or watch his introductory lecture.

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