2013 Benjamin T. Carr Memorial Award

The Benjamin T. Carr Memorial Award
for truth seeking in journalism and creative non-fiction

The Benjamin T. Carr Memorial Award was established in 2011 to honor Benjamin Carr, who graduated from the Templeton Honors College in 2006, and sadly died in September 2007.

Ben arrived on campus in 2002, bounding with energy and searching for adventure. He was excited and eager to meet people, tenacious in his search for truth, and exuding a thirst for knowledge. He used involvement with the Waltonian (the student newspaper of Eastern University) to keep acutely aware of the pulse of Eastern University, which he zealously wanted to see prosper. More than anything on earth, he cherished his friends and family. He went to extremes to find time to visit, to encourage, to help, and to discuss whatever was important with them. He led by working alongside others, no matter where they were in their journey. Ben died in a drowning accident in September 2007, and his family and friends have remarked that they “will dearly miss him and will look forward to meeting him again in the coming Heavenly Kingdom.”  Recipients of the Carr Prize should exemplify a love of seeking the truth as demonstrated by effort, persistence, and potential in journalism or creative non-fiction.

The Benjamin T. Carr Memorial Award is an annual $500.00 award that is available to any full-time Eastern University undergraduate student who is involved in the Waltonian or another publication. Applicants should submit a published article or a copy of a newspaper or other publication you have edited or been involved with over the previous twelve months/calendar year (January 2012 to January 2013). If you are an incoming student, this can be from your earlier experiences. Preference will be given to writing that honestly represents various different viewpoints and helps the reader of the article to understand the issues and take action. Also, please write an essay of approximately 400 words relating your interest in journalism/creative non-fiction, and how you hope to use this interest in your life. Applications should be submitted in hardcopy by Wednesday, March 13, at 5:00pm at the Templeton Honors College office in Fowler Hall, Room 217. The winner of the Carr Award will be announced in an April issue of the Waltonian. In years where a qualified applicant cannot be identified, the prize will not be awarded.

This award has been created and will be administered by the Templeton Honors College, and the Dean of the Honors College will, in consultation with a panel of readers, determine the recipient.

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