Summer Scholars Program

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“I attended Summer Scholars two years in a row, and it was life changing. I learned so much from the great texts we read and the thought-provoking discussions we had every day, in class and out of class. I made amazing life-long friends in the course of a week and was able to learn from professors who quickly became role models and friends.” – Mary Katherine Bucko

The Templeton Honors College will open its doors again this summer to high school students from around the world. Sophomores and juniors are invited to wonder, examine, and reflect on the big questions of morality, politics, literature, and philosophy through two separate courses: “Hope in Dark Times: How Goodness Prevails in The Lord of the Rings” and “Citizenship: On Earth as it is in Heaven?”

With Templeton professors and the classical authors who influenced Tolkien as their guides, students in “Hope in Dark Times”  embark on a journey with Frodo to the top of Mount Doom, discovering what it means to be truly good, and how that goodness might prevail in us, even in dark times and a troubled world. “Citizenship: On Earth as it is in Heaven?” is a political philosophy course in which students will explore the questions that Christian thinkers and world leaders have been asking for millennia: If Christians are citizens of the Kingdom of God, how are they to engage with the world around them, particularly in the sphere of government and politics?

Each course offers the opportunity to experience a unique kind of education: one designed not just to challenge students academically, but spiritually and personally. Spending a week and a half on Eastern’s picturesque campus, with expert scholars as their teachers and current Templeton students as their mentors, students earn college credit in courses that ask them to think deeply about their lives.

We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to high school students for a fourth summer. For more details, please click here.

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