Athletics and Academics: An Interview with Brennan Kastens

Brennan Kastens, a Templeton Scholar, is originally from Nashua, New Hampshire. He is a senior in the math department with a concentration in secondary education and also plays on Eastern’s men’s basketball team as a small forward. In our conversation together, Brennan shared with me what his life at Eastern is like as he balances… Read more »

Oxford: Adventures in Kant, Rowing, and Scones

In this article, we catch up with Colin Burden, a Junior in Templeton who is studying abroad at Oxford University. Colin is a Philosophy and Chemistry-Business double major at Eastern, and is currently taking two philosophy tutorials during his time at Oxford. In addition to his studies, Colin is also a member of the Eastern… Read more »

Honors Forum Reflection: Rev. Dr. Charles Howard

On Friday September 7, the Honors College had the privilege of having Rev. Dr. Charles Howard speak at Honors Forum. where he delivered a lecture titled “Loving our Neighbors in an Interfaith Cosmopolitan World.” Rev. Dr. Howard is the University Chaplain at University of Pennsylvania, and his writing has been featured in such publications as… Read more »

Studying the Classics: Chiara Behm, Cohort of 2016

Chiara Behm ‘20, is a Junior in the Honors College and has been intricately involved in Templeton’s life on campus. She has designed her own classics major, spent a week in Rome learning Latin, worked for Dr. Williams this past summer, served on student council, and is currently studying abroad in Oxford. Chiara has graciously… Read more »

Staff Spotlight: Meganne Beach

We are excited to have Meganne Beach join the Templeton Staff as the new Director of Recruitment! Meganne began working with Paul Charles during the summer months and now is fully engaged in the fray of recruitment. We asked Meganne to share a little bit of her story, particularly reflections on her time in the… Read more »

Welcome to the Cohort of 2018

On behalf of the entire Templeton Honors College, I’d like to say welcome to the freshman cohort of 2018! Whether you traveled thousands of miles or drove twenty minutes down the road, we are so excited that all twenty-nine of you are here at Eastern. Each of you has come for different reasons; perhaps you… Read more »

Summer Scholars Reflection

I remember attending Summer Scholars the summer before my senior year of high school. The hour and fifteen minute car ride from my house in Lancaster to Eastern felt incredibly long, yet too short at the same time. I spent the entire ride fighting internally with myself, half of me wanting to ask my mom… Read more »

Studying Abroad: Existential Crises and Bread

This fall I have the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford University. At Oxford, where I will be studying solely philosophy, I will be taking an 8-week tutorial in German philosophy and a 4-week tutorial in symbolic logic. Teaching in the classical tradition has long been a desire of mine, and I am hopeful that this… Read more »

From Texas to Templeton: Catching Up with James Davenport ’20

When James Davenport was in his senior year of high school, he received a very important phone call, one he remembers to this day. At the time, he and his sister were exploring the Alamo in Texas—now a memorable place for James for more than one reason. On the other line was Paul Charles, Director… Read more »