International Student Profile: Jonathan Atkinson

Class of 2014 The Templeton Honors College is an increasingly diverse community that each year welcomes more students of international backgrounds. Jonathan Atkinson is a first year Honors College student from Surrey, British Columbia in Canada. Jon chose to come to Eastern and specifically the Honors College for a number of reasons. “I wanted to… Read more »

International Student Profile: Nabi DeAngulo

Class of 2014 The first thirteen years of Nabi’s life were spent in Bolivia, a country rich with the culture of the Andes Mountains. There, her parents helped to cultivate within Nabi a desire for knowledge and serving others from a very young age. Some of Nabi’s favorite memories are from dinnertime discussions during which… Read more »

Current Student Spotlight: Danielle Bailey & Marissa Bartow

Class of 2012 For most students, a semester spent abroad yields the opportunity to experience unfamiliar cultures, interact with challenging curriculums and to form new relationships. For Danielle Bailey and Marissa Bartow however, a semester abroad holds an exciting and challenging experience that stands outside of the norm. This trip for the two Honors College… Read more »

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Phil Cary

Scholar-in-Residence As Scholar-in-Residence for the Templeton Honors College and Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University, Dr. Phillip Cary is worth more than his weight in gold to the faculty and students that he works with. Serving in his capacity as a teacher, Dr. Cary also spends time as both a mentor and a friend to… Read more »

Senior Banquet on 5/4

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 6:30 PM at The Union League of Philadelphia Grant East Room 140 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 RSVP required. Contact the THC Office for more information.

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jonathan Yonan

Assistant Professor In 2009, the Templeton Honors College had the distinct pleasure of seeing another faculty member in print with the presentation of Dr. Jonathan Yonan’s article “Evangelicalism and Enlightenment: Two Generations in the Okely Family”. An assistant professor at the Honors College, Dr. Yonan contributed his article to the collaborative work entitled Self, Community,… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Grunert

Class of 2005 After graduating from the Honors College, Jonathan Grunert moved on to many new and exciting things, yet admittedly cannot leave his pursuit of higher learning. Whether through teaching or becoming a student again himself, Grunert has consistently been involved in the academic community outside of the Honors College. Although the Templeton Honors… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Allison Duncan

Class of 2007 Allison Duncan graduated from Templeton Honors College in 2007 with degrees in English Writing and Theology. In addition, Allison graduated with a passion for the pursuit of lifelong learning towards which the Honors College had taught her to aspire. Templeton Honors College provided many opportunities for Allison during her years as an… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Joshua Meservy

Class of 2004 Following his graduation in 2004, Templeton Honors College alumnus Joshua Meservy took the path less traveled and flew across the Atlantic Ocean to serve in Zambia as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer. Armed with a master’s degree in history, Meservy served in agriculture and forestry projects for the first year and… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Katie Miller

Class of 2008 Katie Miller graduated from the Templeton Honors College in 2008 with degrees in Communications and Psychology. After graduation from Eastern, Katie Miller went on to the University of Pennsylvania and earned a Masters in Social Work. Now, using the blessings God has showered upon her and the skills cultivated by the Templeton… Read more »