Alumni Spotlight: Katie Miller

Class of 2008 Katie Miller graduated from the Templeton Honors College in 2008 with degrees in Communications and Psychology. After graduation from Eastern, Katie Miller went on to the University of Pennsylvania and earned a Masters in Social Work. Now, using the blessings God has showered upon her and the skills cultivated by the Templeton… Read more »

Alumni Profile: Rebecca Osborn

Class of 2007 Rebecca Osborn graduated from Eastern University’s Templeton Honors College with a Bachelors degree in Missions and Anthropology. Since her graduation in 2007 however, she has gone on to do things that are wildly different from what she ever imagined she would do. “I chose a Missions and Anthropology degree because of my… Read more »

Alumni Sarah Vanacore

Class of 2006 Sarah received her BA in English Literature when she graduated from Eastern University in 2006, and she says that the Honors College pushed her to think better and also more critically beyond her years at school. Her professors at Eastern were both challenging and encouraging. When struggling with the possibility of going… Read more »

Alumni Stephen Bonanni

Class of 2003 Upon starting his studies at Eastern University, New Jersey resident Stephen Bonanni was not planning on entering the armed forces. He enjoyed history a great deal however and, earning a degree in History, figured that he would go on either to graduate school or law school after his graduation in 2003. It… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Christopher Plumberg

Class of 2009 To many, achievement is weighed by wealth, luxury, certifications or another sort of worldly measure. However, Christopher Plumberg, a graduate of Eastern University and the Templeton Honors College, has decided to measure his achievement by something else. According to Plumberg, “I believe that my life must consist in being filled with the… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Class of 2003 Following the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and his wife Leah participated in an Iraqi relief initiative by Christian Peacemaker Teams known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. During the conclusion of this journey, the Wilson-Hartgroves and their team of aid workers experienced an unexpected catastrophe on their trip…. Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Wayne Pansa

Class of 2009 At the outset of 2010, the world was struck by news of an earthquake in Haiti. Declared by the United Nations to be the worst disaster ever encountered by its outfit, many governments and relief organizations countered the calamity with an immediate response. Not to be overlooked in these efforts were the… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Christina Rabeler

Class of 2009 Being a part of the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University as an undergraduate student throws wide open many doors of opportunity to excel in academia. Sometimes, these successes accomplished under the guise of undergraduate studies even outlast our careers as students. Such is the case for Class of 2009 Templeton Honors… Read more »

New Additions to Media Center!

Andrew Exum lectures have been added to the Media Center: EU’s January 22, 2010 Windows on the World Series: “God or Country? Balancing Faith and National Service in America” THC January 22, 2010 Honors Forum: “American’s Challenge in Afghanistan: The Politics and Strategy of Our War in Central Asia” To watch these videos and more,… Read more »

3/25: Dr. Patrick Deneen Lecture

Sponsored by The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) and the Templeton Honors College Dr. Patrick Deneen Lecture: “Tocquevillian Freedom: What Puritans and Catholics Can Teach America Today” Thursday, March 25th 7pm Eagle Hall Great Room Dr. Patrick Deneen is a professor of political theory at Georgetown University and also the Founding Director of the Tocqueville Forum… Read more »