What Is Justice?

From the current election cycle to debates about income inequality to recent social movements, the term “justice” is thrown about regularly in popular culture as a definitive and lasting judgment about what is and what ought to be. What really do we mean when we argue that something—a law, an individual’s actions, state regulations—is just… Read more »

Historian Kristen Stromberg Childers Publishes New Book with Oxford University Press

Dr. Childers’ new book, Seeking Imperialism’s Embrace: National Identity, Decolonization, and Assimilation in the French Caribbean, was published this month by Oxford University Press. Hailed as a “rich and vital work” that explores “a complex and fascinating history,” the monograph makes a “major contribution to our understanding of the Caribbean, France, and the story of… Read more »

Introduction to the Cohort of 2016

August 20th and 26th held two very different evenings, yet both were centered around the same thing: pizza. The former was where the 2016 cohort met and formed our first impressions of each other, and the latter was where we realized all our assumptions were wrong. Looking around the room at our fledgling cohort members,… Read more »

Star Struck: Dr. Bradstreet’s Latest Book

Dr. David Bradstreet is many things: a world-class scientist, a faithful follower of Christ, a devoted teacher, a husband, father and playful grandfather, and a collector of stuffed cows (that all jumped over the moon, of course). As Provost Dr. Keith Iddings puts it—and popular opinion confirms—he is truly “an astronomy rock star.” Dr. Bradstreet,… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: The Straight Family

Liz (Leidy) Straight (’04) and Jesse Straight Home: Warrentown, VA Cohort of 2001 Business: Whiffletree Farm “We believe that there is a created order and we want to work within it,” says Liz Straight, when asked why Whiffletree Farm practices sustainable agriculture. Liz and her husband Jesse both attended the Templeton Honors College in the… Read more »

Summer Scholars Program 2016

Several weeks ago, on a hot July morning, I was standing outside Eagle Residence Hall and greeting this year’s Summer Scholars as they arrived on Eastern’s campus. Several of the students were from high schools in the area, but others traveled for as many as thirty hours, coming from as far as Arizona, California, Oregon,… Read more »

2016 Alumnus of the Year: Jay Renfro (’13)

Jay Renfro ‘13 Hometown: Nashville, TN Cohort of 2009 Major: Environmental Studies Career: Science Teacher “In the Templeton senior capstone class, we talked about the difference between your job and your work,” reflects alumnus, Jay Renfro. “A lot of people don’t have a distinction like that, their job is just something that they try to… Read more »

Faculty and Family

In a society that places a high value on efficiency and productivity, it can be difficult for students to balance personal and professional aspirations.  Concerns for family and community can be lost amidst the pressures of preparing for one’s academic and professional career.  Thankfully, Templeton students have access to faculty in a variety of stages… Read more »

Student Summer Science Research

Rising juniors Abigail Crawford, Rebecca Drew, and Nicholas Fales each possess a keen, analytical mind; passion for problem-solving; and deep sense of wonder for the intricate beauty of God’s creation. These three cohort fellows spent six weeks conducting original research in Eastern’s chemistry and biochemistry laboratories as part of the Summer Science Research Program. Through their… Read more »

Farewell and Godspeed to Dr. RJ Snell

Prof. RJ Snell, well known to students of the Templeton Honors College as well as philosophy students at Eastern University, will be moving this Fall to Princeton NJ to take up a position at the Witherspoon Institute, an independent research center that works to enhance public understanding of the moral foundations of free and democratic… Read more »