Conversation and Community: What to Expect at the Summer Scholars Program

Templeton’s Summer Scholars Program is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to get a taste of college life, engage with the classical model of education, ask challenging questions, and build friendships based on a common love of learning. For those who have never experienced the program firsthand, I imagine that the prospect of being… Read more »

The Meaning of the Resurrection: Reflections on Lent and Easter

Christians everywhere have spent approximately the last month and a half preparing for the most important holy feast day of the liturgical year: Easter. The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important holy day in the life of the Christian but as Easter has been commercialized and secularized in American popular… Read more »

On Place and Prayer: Being Present in the World We Inhabit

In my first semester at Eastern, on a warm summer day, I walked with two close friends into Wayne. As we entered the bridge tunnel leading into Wayne, I noticed the graffiti which announced that we were “now entering lil chicago.” I still don’t know exactly why this area is known by such a distinctive… Read more »

Infinity and the Incarnation: Thoughts on Science and Christianity

For years now, scientists and Christians have been suspicious of one another, to say the least. This tension is unnecessary, and it dissipates when both Christians and scientists understand the nature of God, creation and science. Science is a function that maps nature to the rational world – i.e., laws, rules, equations. That is, science… Read more »

Thoughts on Fairy Tales, Virtue, and the Gospel

At a recent Honors Forum, Dr. David Bryant discussed the continued presence of fairy tales in our culture and the value that they hold. As Dr. Bryant noted, fairy tales can be found in children’s literature, opera, ballet, symphonic music and musicals, in films, and even in cartoons. Despite the pervasive modern rejection of superstition,… Read more »

Cultivating Hearts and Minds: Reflections of a Middle School Latin Teacher

The Templeton Honors College has been cultivating great students since 1999. Now we’re launching a Master of Arts in Teaching, Concentration in Classical Education in order to develop more great teachers like Monica and Frank. In March of 2015, two months before graduation, four before marriage, and five before a 2,346 mile move across the… Read more »

The Tyranny of the Urgent and the Importance of Play

Every February, students in the Templeton Honors College pack their bags and head over to Camp Men-o-Lan for a weekend winter retreat. Located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, Camp Men-o-Lan, which is situated on 180 beautiful wooded acres, has been hosting groups since 1941. I use the word “host” with purpose: the staff expertly practice the craft of… Read more »

Charity, Honesty, and Patience: Conversational Virtues

In my experience as a Teaching Assistant for the Summer Scholars Program, I have found it beautiful to see the ways that high school students often find freedom in the academic ethos offered at Templeton. For some students, the classical dialogical model of learning that they experience as Summer Scholars is unlike anything they have… Read more »