Greetings from Templeton’s 2015 Freshmen

Each fall, the Templeton Honors College welcomes a new cohort. I, Anthony Barr, belong to this year’s cohort and am blessed to begin this journey immersed in an intimate community built with dedicated mentors and encouraging friends. There are some wonderful people in this new cohort of 2015. Let me introduce you to a few:… Read more »

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. David H. Bradstreet

During the summer months, Templeton students scatter across the country. Jobs, internships, travel, and time with friends and family take the place of the classroom for a season. But while summer may afford students with a respite from the rigor, for Templeton professor Dr. David H. Bradstreet, summer is a time to develop, research, write,… Read more »

Liberal Learning and the Great Christian Traditions

While Templeton students spend the summer months interning, gaining experience in their disciplines, or taking a well-deserved break from their studies, Templeton faculty are hard at work—writing, researching, advancing in their respective fields. Drs. Jonathan Yonan and Gary Jenkins are no exception. This summer, Dr. Yonan, Dean of the Templeton Honors College, and Dr. Jenkins,… Read more »

A Letter to a Young Philosophy Student: Alyssa Mallgrave (’13)

Dear Young Philosophy Student, You are living the dream. You might not realize it as you pull all-nighters trying to solve the problem of evil whilst employing excellent prose and incorporating only the most acclaimed source material, but you are. Your job right now is to read, write, talk, and listen, and nothing is at… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Jocelyn Paul (’15)

When asked to reflect on her intellectual and spiritual journey in the Templeton Honors College, graduate Jocelyn Paul responds, “The past four years have been first and foremost an education in love. Together, we have sought to love and understand both God and others. And it seems to me that the best way to pursue… Read more »

Farewell, Class of 2015!

On Saturday, May 9th, we, the graduating cohort of Templeton scholars, ascended the steps of the commencement stage as students and returned to our seats as alumni. Here is a mere glimpse of some of the good work which lies before us. Several of my peers will enter the field of education as teachers this… Read more »

Acedia and its Discontents

We are proud to announce Dr. RJ Snell’s new book, Acedia and Its Discontents: Metaphysical Boredom in an Empire of Desire. “While the term acedia may be unfamiliar, the vice, usually translated as sloth, is all too common. Sloth is not mere laziness, however, but a disgust with reality, a loathing of our call to be friends… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Brent Keath (’16)

Not many college sophomores can say that they own and operate their own business. Even fewer have written and published a novel. But for Templeton scholar Brent Keath, these two accomplishments are simply part of the daily routine of studying and creating, learning and innovating. Hailing from Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Brent is currently pursuing a degree… Read more »

Farewell, Dr. Wilcox!

The close of the academic year is always heralded by changes—the arrival of warmer weather, the impending commencement ceremonies, and for graduating students, the job and internship search. For the Templeton community, the close of this year is accompanied by another change both reluctant and celebratory—we bid farewell to Dr. David Wilcox. For the past… Read more »