The American Presidency: Insights from Historian Michael Lee

Just after President Trump’s inauguration, I sat down with Dr. Michael Lee to discuss the history and current state of the American presidency. Dr. Lee is the Grace F. Kea Associate Professor of American History at Eastern University. He has studied at the University of Notre Dame (Ph.D.), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.A.), and Yale University (B.A.). An… Read more »

Is Populism Good for American Democracy?

Throughout the 2016 election cycle, a common talking point between both the far Left and the far Right was that establishment politicians are, on the whole, corrupt and out-of-touch with their constituents. On the Right, even before the rise of Donald Trump as the ultimate outsider candidate, candidates like Senator Ted Cruz of Tea Party… Read more »

Should We Pray to the Saints?

Should we pray to the saints? The question may never even cross the minds of some Christians. For others, the practice of prayer to the saints is a part of their daily lives. At Honors Forum on November 18, 2016, three Templeton professors – Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Richards, and Dr. Boyer – offered their answers… Read more »

The Paideia Fellowship: A Common Conversation

The Paideia Fellowship brings together humanities students and professors from Villanova University, the University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr, and the Templeton Honors College to participate in an ongoing conversation regarding the study of the humanities as a discipline. We frequently meet for meals followed by facilitated discussion, and sometimes gather for cultural outings in the… Read more »

Good News for Anxious Students

When I was a junior in high school, I applied and was accepted to the Templeton Honors College Summer Scholars Program at Eastern University. I was interested because of the program’s focus on the Great Books and discussion-based seminars, but I had no idea what to expect, and I hadn’t really thought much about college… Read more »

An Open Letter to Prospective Undergraduate Students

It’s exciting that you are considering applying to Eastern University and the Templeton Honors College! I am in my third year at Eastern, but it feels like just yesterday that I was applying to different schools and being asked where I was going to go to college by every adult that I encountered. It’s always… Read more »

Leaning In: Insights on Work and Family with Melissa Hoagland

Melissa Hoagland is the Chair of the Advisory Council for the Templeton Honors College. Earlier this semester, she participated in a panel discussion on “Women, Family, and Leadership” during the College’s weekly Honors Forum. This Stanford graduate who aced her MCATs on a whim is an inspiration for young women looking to enter the medical… Read more »