Acedia and its Discontents

We are proud to announce Dr. RJ Snell’s new book, Acedia and Its Discontents: Metaphysical Boredom in an Empire of Desire. “While the term acedia may be unfamiliar, the vice, usually translated as sloth, is all too common. Sloth is not mere laziness, however, but a disgust with reality, a loathing of our call to be friends… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Brent Keath (’16)

Not many college sophomores can say that they own and operate their own business. Even fewer have written and published a novel. But for Templeton scholar Brent Keath, these two accomplishments are simply part of the daily routine of studying and creating, learning and innovating. Hailing from Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Brent is currently pursuing a degree… Read more »

Farewell, Dr. Wilcox!

The close of the academic year is always heralded by changes—the arrival of warmer weather, the impending commencement ceremonies, and for graduating students, the job and internship search. For the Templeton community, the close of this year is accompanied by another change both reluctant and celebratory—we bid farewell to Dr. David Wilcox. For the past… Read more »

Food for Thought: Dr. RJ Snell

The recent Swedish film Force Majeur attained a momentary infamy for the weeping, cursing tantrum/performance art of its director, Rubin Östlund, upon learning the Oscars ignored his work. The film, however, is a remarkable exploration on cowardice, perception, the modern family, and trust. We encounter a photogenic Swedish family enjoying their holidays at a tony… Read more »

Introducing: North Carolina Fellows

            The purpose of the North Carolina Fellowship is to direct a major merit-based scholarship to one of the most promising graduates of a North Carolina high school as it partners with the Templeton Honors College in the ongoing work of Christian education. Joining the cohort of first-year Templeton students, the North Carolina Fellow will… Read more »

The Proposed Institute for Orthodox Thought and Culture

In conjunction with Eastern University, the Templeton Honors College is proud to announce that the foundation has been laid for a new project that seeks to cultivate spiritual and intellectual formation in the tradition of Orthodox Christianity. The academic program will be run by the proposed Institute for Orthodox Thought and Culture, emphasizing the Hellenic,… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Abbie Storch (’16)

“Ever since I was really small, I always felt that the world could be best explained to me through reading stories. Words have power to speak to something beyond what we can see in front of us; stories convey most powerfully the truth,” Templeton junior Abbie Storch reflects. For Abbie, Templeton has been a place… Read more »

Dara Horn in Review

On the evening of February 5th, students, faculty, and members of the local community gathered together in the upstairs atrium of Warner Memorial Library to listen, ponder, and discuss a subject that grows ever more pressing in our cultural climate of instant information: the art of memory. The audience was both entertained and challenged as… Read more »

Marriage Amidst Templeton

For centuries, February has been celebrated as the month of romance. In the United States and around the world the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day reminds us that nothing says “I love you” quite like candy hearts, teddy-bears, and mass-produced greeting cards. But romance was not always so closely associated with February 14th. While its… Read more »