Students in the Templeton Honors College move through their honors courses as a cohort, taking their classes with the same group of 35 other students with whom they entered the program across a four-year experience.  This cohort model creates a dynamic and personal learning community, in which students are discussing significant question with both faculty and peers whom they come to know well.

Because of the nature of the cohort model as well as the curriculum, students are required to take courses in a particular sequence and in particular years.  There is some flexibility based on the major a student elects, but a typical Templeton student will move through the curriculum in the following way.

Year 1

First Semester Honors requirements

HON 101  The Good Life

HON 140  Honors Old Testament

HON 160  Western Civilization 1: Greece and Rome

Second Semester Honors requirements

HON 102  Justice and the Common Good (may be taken in the 3rd semester)

HON 141  Honors New Testament

HON 161  Western Civilization 2: Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Other General Education requirements recommended in the first year

Foreign Language (if beginning at the 102 level or higher with a language previously studied)

Knowledgeable about Life Fitness course (may be taken in Year 2 if needed)

Year 2

Honors requirements (to be completed fall or spring)

HON 210  The Active Life: Rhetoric and Discourse

HON 240  Introduction to Christian Theology

HON 260  Western Civilization 3: Modern Europe (fall)

HON 261  Western Civilization 4: The American Mind (spring)

Two of the following (one may be taken in Year 3 if needed):

HON 201  Cosmology

HON 203  Theories of the Origin of Life

HON 204  Mathematics in the Western Tradition

Other General Education requirements recommended in the second year

Quantitative Reasoning course (if HON 204 not taken)

Year 3

Honors requirements (to be completed fall or spring)

HON 310  Modernity and the Good Society

Study abroad for one semester (may be completed during a summer semester if needed)

Other General Education requirements completed by the end of the third year

How will all of the honors courses fit into my overall schedule?

Students enrolled in the Templeton Honors College complete their general education requirements through their Templeton coursework, while earning bachelor’s degrees by completing one or more majors within the College of Arts and Sciences. Honors courses make up about a third of a student’s total credits. Academic planning guides showing how the honors curriculum fits with each major are available in the Information Library section of the website.

Knowledgeable about Global Diversity course

Laboratory Science course

Foreign Language (if beginning at 101 level)

Year 4

Honors requirements (to be completed fall or spring)

HON 480  Honors Capstone