Study Abroad (OLD)

One aspect of the Templeton Honors College curriculum that is not found in many comparable programs is the required study-abroad semester. During the junior or senior year, THC students complete a semester of study at universities and programs around the globe, taking courses both within and outside their major areas of focus.

Is there any financial aid available for these trips?

Students are able, in almost all cases, to use their Eastern financial aid for their semesters overseas.

Rather than just being an “add-on,” as study-abroad opportunities often are, the THC semester away is seen as an integral part of the overall curriculum. Being removed from familiar surroundings and immersed in a different cultural context helps students develop broader perspectives, listen to and better understand differing points of view, empathize with”strangers” in their home setting, and deepen their commitment to justice in a global context.

Students have recently returned from places like Chile, Denmark, England, Italy, Lithuania, and Uganda.