Ms. Anneke C. Lujan

MAT Program Coordinator

Anneke LujanFowler 208

Anneke Lujan graduated magna cum laude from the Templeton Honors College and Eastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. From her first days on the freshman camping trip and in her Templeton classes, Anneke quickly fell in love with the approach to education that focused on pursuing the Good through community, books, and conversation. As a Templeton student, Anneke volunteered as a church youth group leader, served as a research fellow with the Agora Institute, and spent a semester abroad in the Middle East. In addition to studying, she played on a (terrible) intramural dodgeball team with her cohort members and planned pranks and murder mystery parties. She wrote her senior thesis on the relationship of self-esteem and character.

In 2013 Anneke was thrilled to join the Templeton staff as Program Assistant. She was excited to have the chance to serve the community which had given her so much. While working at Templeton, Anneke began a Masters in Education which prepared her to step into the position of Templeton’s MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) Program Coordinator in 2016. She has enjoyed working with the Templeton faculty, Eastern’s education faculty, and outside constituents to develop a unique graduate degree for teachers that focuses on classical education. With her undergraduate background in Great Books and psychology, graduate coursework in education, and love of learning and helping young people develop, launching this program has truly been the perfect creative blend.

During her free time, Anneke enjoys visiting her family in Rhode Island and Tennessee, being outside as much as possible, reading literature, and hiking and conversing with her friends (including many of her cohort members). She attends a reformed church in Philadelphia