In Search of Wisdom: Essays in Memory of John G. Gammie

This much-needed volume provides a comprehensive study of wisdom in the Hebrew Bible, in selected intertestamental and Rabbinic texts, and in the New Testament. Seventeen essays by leading scholars–including Joseph Blenkinsopp, Carole R. Fontaine. Michael V. Fox, Richard Horsley, David Winston, and Tina Pippin–help students identify and understand the presence of wisdom in the Bible… Read more »

Inner Grace: Augustine in the Traditions of Plato and Paul

This book is, along with Outward Signs (OUP 2008), a sequel to Phillip Cary’s Augustine and the Invention of the Inner Self (OUP 2000). In this work, Cary traces the development of Augustine’s epochal doctrine of grace, arguing that it does not represent a rejection of Platonism in favor of a more purely Christian point… Read more »

Evolution in Astrophysics: IUE Astronomy in the Era of New Space Missions

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