Ethika Politika

Ethika Politika is a publication of the Center for Morality in Public Life. Its purpose is to put the search for wisdom at the service of good practical decisions, and to engage contemporary ethical and cultural issues from an elevated yet common sense perspective. Click here to see Dr. RJ Snell’s series of Ethika Politika… Read more »

Modern Human Origins

“Modern Human Origins” Article written by Dr. David Wilcox for The Lion Handbook of Science and Christianity.

God And Evolution: A Faith-Based Understanding

God And Evolution: A Faith-Based Understanding Book written by Dr. David Wilcox (2004). “A biology professor at a Christian university, Wilcox is committed to a strong biblical faith and to faithful, responsible science. He maintains that there can be no conflict between Scripture and the natural world because God is the author of both. The… Read more »

Control Hierarchies – A View of Life

“Control Hierarchies – A View of Life” Article by Dr. David Wilcox in Facets and Faith and Science – Vol. III: The Role of Beliefs in the Natural Sciences (’96).