Greeting from the Dean

Welcome to the Templeton Honors College!

I’m glad that you’ve found us here online. We have much for you to explore as you browse through our website.

Since our founding in 1999, the Templeton Honors College has been committed to a classical approach to education for the next generation of Christian leaders. Our traditional approach to liberal arts education is built on three strong pillars: a Great Books curriculum, some of the brightest scholar-teachers, and an intimate, collaborative learning community. We believe this is the best context to form students into principled leaders in an increasingly complex world. This means that at Templeton we hold each other to rigorous academic standards and seek to engage in lives of Christian humility and service, civil discourse, and cultural enrichment. In other words, we seek to form each other for coherent lives of Christian virtue.

At Templeton all the questions are on the table, especially the permanent human questions: What is a good life? Why is there suffering in the world? What is justice? What is a good society? How can I be right with my neighbor? And how can I be right with God? But we don’t ask these questions in a vacuum; rather we ask them within the spiritual and intellectual world of the historic Christian Faith, which is the foundation and center of all our academic pursuits.

Our motto, cum gratia officium, points to our guiding principle of Christian stewardship. At the Templeton Honors College we call our students away from mediocrity, irresponsibility, and ingratitude and into lives of Christian stewardship. We challenge students to employ their gifts responsibly by vigorously pursuing excellence in their lives.

This philosophy of education carries through each academic program offered through the Templeton Honors College. These programs include:

You can learn much about life at Templeton through our website, but I would particularly encourage you to visit our campus, sit in on a class session, and meet the people who make this a truly exceptional place.

–Dr. Brian Williams