Dr. Frederic Putnam

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Fred PutnamFowler Hall, 305
(610) 225-5262


  • Ph.D., Annenberg Research Institute: Biblical Studies
  • M.A., The Dropsie College: Biblical Studies
  • S.T.M., Biblical Theological Seminary: Old Testament
  • M.Div., Biblical Theological Seminary: Ministry
  • B.S., Philadelphia Biblical University: Bible



Dr. Putnam has taught graduate, post-graduate, and undergraduate courses in biblical language and interpretation since 1984, as well as high-school level seminars in Shakespeare, poetry, literature, and philosophy. He teaches the honors courses in biblical studies.

He has published several reference works and textbooks on Classical (Biblical) Hebrew, and is now writing a book on the interpretation of biblical poetry. His next two book-length projects are on biblical theology based on biblical metaphors, and a Christian view of education.

Dr. Putnam is an ordained minister (Presbyterian Church in America). He and his wife, Emilie, have three daughters, all of whom live in southeast Pennsylvania. He enjoys reading and discussing poems, military history, literature, baking, listening to and making music (singing and playing recorder, hand drum, timbrel, and finger cymbals—early music), mountain-biking, and swimming in lakes.

He is a popular speaker and lecturer, preaching in local and regional churches, and speaking in schools, camps, and less formal settings, on such topics as reading and interpreting poetry, stories, the Bible, ancient history, the importance of reading, the nature and method of education, and technical aspects of interpreting and translating Biblical Hebrew.

Dr. Putnam is a transplanted New England farmer who knows that Guernseys give the best milk and that hills are made of granite; he is also pretty sure that he has not yet seen a real winter in Pennsylvania.