Templeton Courses – Dr. Amy Richards

HON 102  Justice and the Common Good (3 credits)

In this class we engage questions about justice and the common good by examining major texts and thinkers from the classical, Christian, modern, and contemporary perspectives. Particular attention will be given to the validity and purpose of law, differing conceptions of justice and their practical consequences for regime type, the grounds of human dignity and integrity, as well as selected problems of meta-ethics. (GE indicator addressed: Knowledgeable in Doing Justice)


HON 480  Honors Capstone (2 credits)

The Honors College core curriculum has been designed to nurture in students the cultivation of a rich, integrative, and coherent worldview—a worldview devoid of the common artificial divisions between academic pursuits, spiritual formation, cultural appreciation, and community life. The Honors Capstone is designed to revisit and, in some cases, recover the richness and coherence of an integrative humanistic, Christian worldview. Of particular importance for fourth-year students preparing for graduation, the course is posed as an opportunity for reflection and preparation for their vocational future. (GE indicator addressed: Formed in Christian Thought)