Vision & Values

The Templeton Honors College prepares academically gifted students to become principled leaders in an increasingly complex world by providing a holistic education focused on the life of the mind, character formation, and skill development.

Our vision is rooted in the following values:

  • Truth and Learning

We are committed to cultivating love of the truth, in the conviction that the truth about reality is created by God, not by us. Yet we can learn to know it because it has been clearly revealed to us by God, who speaks through his creation and his Word with a single voice.
For this reason we are committed to cultivating a love of inquiry, understanding, and sound judgment, embracing all study as a joyous expression of our love of God and his creation.

  • Wisdom and Virtue

We are committed to an education that is not merely an accumulation of facts or a study of what others have thought, but primarily cultivation in thinking, feeling, judging, choosing, and acting for a complete life which loves God and our neighbor.
Furthermore, we are committed to cultivating Christian faith, believing and following our Lord Jesus Christ and being renewed in his image.

  • Stewardship and Service

We are committed to cultivating the talents God has given us, using them in both work and play, with diligence, excellence, and delight, for the glory of God and the benefit of his world.
We are committed to cultivating obedience to the Word of God and serving our neighbors in love, humility and generosity.