Investing in Teachers – How the MA in Teaching Transforms Schools

We believe that classical schools should invest in the faculty of friends that form the heart of the school and differentiate it from all the other educational options available to students and families.

After sharing what I learned with my coworkers and students,

we have all seemed to come alive in a new way.

Now, there is a deeper understanding and love for classical learning in my school.

I am indebted to the fantastic professors that brought me to this point.”

Danielle Dillenschneider, Cohort 2018


The Templeton MA in Classical Teaching (MAT) can help classical schools and headmasters do the following:

  • train new teachers in classical methods, materials, and traditions
  • retain superior teachers by helping them earn an advanced degree that confirms their vocation
  • enable teachers to model for students the importance of life-long learning
  • prepare select teachers to become leaders and mentors in your school
  • help prospective parents see how your school differs from homeschool options, non-classical Christian schools, and public schools
  • expand the headmaster’s or dean’s ability to mentor teachers
  • increase the quality of instruction
  • articulate the significance of classical education for our contemporary world
  • save money on third-party trainers by investing in master teachers who can train others in your school
  • put your teachers and school in touch with national leaders in classical education
  • learn best practices from teachers in other classical schools around the nation
  • discover best practices from contemporary research and the classical tradition
  • find how your school fits into the very long tradition of classical education
  • benefit from a classical college that has been offering classical education for 20 years

Dr. Brian Williams, Dean of Templeton Honors College and MAT Fellow