Ryan Klein, St. Monica Catholic School
Mercer Island, WA

As a new teacher, the MAT is enabling me to start my career on the right foot. I’ve been given a rich environment in which to develop my pedagogy, encounter the depths of the Western Tradition, forge relationships with teachers wiser than myself, and become a better resource for my students.  − Ryan Klein

Frank Chilbert – Mainline Classical Academy
Bryn Mawr, PA

The MAT program has kept the idealist in me alive. Every educator feels trapped by some great issue in the American educational system today. The MAT program has helped me  carefully examine the history of these issues and their philosophical underpinnings. With the Great Tradition as our guide, we teachers are able to come together to read great works that reinvigorate our tired imaginations. I am a more hopeful teacher because of the rich conversations I have had with my classmates and professors. 
Frank Chilbert

Danielle Dillenschneider, Bayshore Christian School
Fairhope, AL

After sharing what I learned with my coworkers and students, we have all seemed to come alive in a new way. Now, there is a deeper understanding and love for classical learning in my school. – Danielle Dillenschneider