Institutes and Centers


The Templeton Honors College is affiliated with other organizations including the Agora Institute for Civic Virtue and the Common Good and its newest initiative, the Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture.

The Agora Institute was founded with the mission of creating a space for public discourse towards the end of the attainment of civic virtue and the common good. The name is a reference to the ancient Greek agora — “an open public space where citizens gathered to exchange both goods and ideas.” By hosting lectures, a reading group, and other events, the Agora Institute creates a comparable venue for the exchange of ideas in modern society. The Agora Fellows Program provides a great number of opportunities for participating Templeton students: Fellows attend a weekly reading group with their peers, professors, and local business leaders; share in the administrative duties of the Institute; and publish in the Institute’s undergraduate journal (which also features essays written by students from universities around the world), Adorans.

The Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture (COTC) was started as a subset of the Agora Institute to foster intellectual and spiritual development in the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition. Through the COTC, students can attend on-campus worship services, participate in the Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and graduate with an interdisciplinary minor in Orthodox Thought and Culture. The minor “focuses on the Great Books of the Church Fathers, as well as other noteworthy but rarely studied Orthodox theologians, philosophers, novelists, poets, statesmen, cultural figures, musicians, iconographers, and artists.”