Visit & Tour

Because Templeton is a part of Eastern University, every Templeton student is also an Eastern student, so we recommend any visit to Templeton should also include a visit to Eastern. We would be happy to host you on campus, either for one of our many Open Houses or for a personalized visit.

You can e-mail Eastern University to arrange a visit to the whole campus or visit the admissions website to find more details. Specifically mention if you would like to visit a Templeton class, to meet one of our students, or to speak more with someone about the honors college.


Travel Stipends:

We recognize that visiting so many colleges can get expensive, and we also acknowledge not everyone asks you to come for a physical, face-to-face interview.  If you are invited to interview, and have more than 200 miles to travel, you may submit an application requesting a small stipend to help with the travel cost.  These are subject to availability – another reason to apply early!  If you would like to be considered for a travel stipend, just e-mail our Director of Recruitment, Ms. Meganne Beach.