Ben Barnhart (’15)

Benjamin Barnhart (Class of 2015) is a biochemistry major from Strasburg, Pennsylvania, and a member of Eastern’s men’s soccer team. He recently studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he took classes on biomedical research and continental philosophy. He plans on attending medical school after graduation.

Barnhart“I’ve always considered myself destined for a vocation in the natural sciences, so it came as no surprise that I developed a love for the field of biochemistry during my time at Eastern. What was surprising, more for me than anyone else, was that I developed a love of education in the classical sense as well.

While many academic settings divorce the ideas behind liberal education and the specialization required for biochemistry, the Templeton Honors College brings to light their codependency. Science illuminates the importance and immensity of questions it cannot answer, just as subjects such as philosophy, ethics, literature and politics reveal the character of scientific study and help provide answers for why it is good.

I am grateful to have been brought into the rigorous search for truth both within and beyond the realm of empirical science. What is more, this honors college enters the search constantly striving to be of the mind of Christ, and in a perpetual state of wonder. I am convinced that nothing is more appropriate to the task, or helpful in times of deep frustration.

Lastly, the Templeton Honors College is a constant reminder that I am not alone. Whether in the laboratory, the lecture hall, the round-table, or the soccer field, I am encouraged in everything by the presence of deep and purposeful community.”


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