Margo Cassidy (’15)

Margo (Class of 2015) is a social work major taking a minor in French. In her sophomore year she studied abroad in Strasbourg, France, and she hopes that her future will include the French language and culture. After graduating from Eastern, Margo plans to pursue a Master of Social Work. She is interested in issues of child welfare and would like someday to work with women who have been caught up in the sex trade.

Margo Cassidy

“When I came to Eastern as part of the Templeton Honors College it did not take me long to realize that Templeton not only prepares students for a future career, but challenges them to be people of virtue.  The honors college has taught me how to wrestle with questions such as What is justice? and What does it mean to live a good life? I have learned that learning is not always about finding the correct answers, but about being satisfied with the ability to ask better questions – questions that will lead me in the direction of God’s kingdom on Earth. As a social work major, I am constantly confronted with issues of injustice in both the lives of individuals and in the social systems that exist in today’s society. My honors classes work with my social work classes in teaching me how to wrestle with questions of injustice. I know that my experience as part of Templeton will help me not only to become a good social worker, but also to become a woman of virtue who advocates for justice in the context of a good life.”

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