Greetings from Templeton’s 2015 Freshmen


Each fall, the Templeton Honors College welcomes a new cohort. I, Anthony Barr, belong to this year’s cohort and am blessed to begin this journey immersed in an intimate community built with dedicated mentors and encouraging friends.

There are some wonderful people in this new cohort of 2015. Let me introduce you to a few: There is Brennan Kastens, from New Hampshire, who is also on the basketball team. He is quiet, insightful, athletic. Elise Sweigart is from Oman (near Saudi Arabia); her Orthodox background adds unique flavor to our theology discussions. Then there is Tim Harper, a transfer student from St. Johns; he is the very definition of unconventional and we love him. Oh! And Emily Matzinger, recipient of Templeton’s new North Carolina Fellowship, just spent her high school senior year working in a healthcare clinic for undocumented immigrants.

11236554_916680671701908_4256892583350054753_nAs you probably know, we freshmen begin our time in Templeton not in the classroom but out in the wilderness, camping in the Adirondacks. There we had our first session with Dr. Yonan. He cast a vision of who we might and ought to become as we journey these next four years. Stated simply, “I want each of you to be a good person.” He promised to pray faithfully for each of us that we might grow in wisdom and moral virtue.

With this vision in mind, we, the cohort of 2015, are honored to be received into the Templeton Honors College. We know blessings await us. We anticipate opportunities to be a blessing to others. We humbly beseech you to pray for us as we embark on this journey. Meanwhile, we shall pray for one another—that through this spiritual work to which we are called we might be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

head-shot2Article by Anthony Barr (’19): Anthony is a Templeton scholar double-majoring in English Literature and History and minoring in Orthodox Thought and Culture. He is a homeschool grad with several years of experience working for two publishing companies. He is interested in the ways in which literature and spirituality inform one another. You can follow him on Twitter: @AnthonyMBarr




  1. Thanks, Anthony! You are right–a(nother) great group of freshmen for the Templeton Honors College; I am honoured to be in class with you all.

    Pax tibi.



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