Student Spotlight: Micah Skinner (’19)

Micah Skinner websiteMicah Skinner had his first encounter with the Templeton Honors College when Dr. Putnam preached a sermon at his church in Media, PA.  A homeschooled upbringing had already fostered Micah’s love of the Great Books and the liberal arts, and this pursuit continued into his high school years at Delaware Country Christian School.  A college that interacted with ancient texts and focused on virtue and personhood was a natural choice for him, and after his interview Micah knew that he had found a unique and wonderful place to be.

Micah is not only entering his freshman year with over 20 AP credits, but is also undertaking an 18-credit first semester that includes the study of Biblical Hebrew.  He claims that it’s not as difficult as it sounds, since, coming from a Messianic Jewish background, he already knows Modern Hebrew.  He plans on pursuing a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major, but admits that he’s conflicted by his love of other subjects as well.  He cites his variety of interests as the reason he is currently unsure of his career plans, but says that is why he loves Templeton’s liberal arts curriculum so much.  “You can go just about anywhere from here,” he said. “Templeton can shoot you off in any direction.”  For now, Micah plans to focus on bettering himself and hopes that in the process he discovers God’s plan for his life.

One of the things that has impressed Micah since he arrived on campus is the camaraderie between the cohorts.  “You can tell it’s a family,” he said.  He is also particularly happy with the diversity of thought that he sees flourishing here at Templeton.  “There’s such a variety of opinions that even when we agree on something, we all come towards that agreement with different perspectives,” he said, adding that one of the things that he loves the most about Templeton is “seeing the faculty and the students treating the Bible not as another text but as the living word of God.  It’s so good to see that going on in this type of strong academic environment.”

Micah enjoys playing Tennis and Super Smash Brothers with his college friends, and still gets together with his old high-school friends to create short films, the latest of which he described as a “pseudo-documentary on street magicians.”

Micah wishes that more students from his high school had the opportunity to come to Templeton, and that more people were aware of the style of classes offered here.  “There are kids in my graduating class who, if they knew the sorts of discussions and the kinds of things we do in Templeton, would love it so much more than the traditional classes they’re taking now.”

Micah summed up the intentions of the Templeton Honors College well when he observed, “It’s amazing to see the texts come alive not only in the class but the discussions outside the class as well.”  It’s exciting to have Micah enter the Great Conversation here at Templeton and join us in striving for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

–Wayne Brown


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