Introduction to the Cohort of 2016

2016 Cohort on their last day in the Adirondacks

2016 Cohort on their last day in the Adirondacks

August 20th and 26th held two very different evenings, yet both were centered around the same thing: pizza. The former was where the 2016 cohort met and formed our first impressions of each other, and the latter was where we realized all our assumptions were wrong.

Looking around the room at our fledgling cohort members, one would never guess that 35 diverse individuals could connect so deeply. Our camping trip spent in the Adirondacks challenged us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Through this experience, we learned an ample amount about what we take for granted. Not only were we taught to treasure necessities such as running water or dorm-room beds, but conversations showed us what our lives at Templeton can look like if we allow all distractions to be stripped away.

It is impossible to hide behind any mask while living face to face with nature; going without a shower for six days can certainly change a person! Being immediately thrust into an uncomfortable atmosphere forced students to openly display their true selves. While we may not have realized it then, we now see what a tremendous gift it was. After experiencing this adventure as a group, conversing in a classroom setting became that much more natural; where different personalities would typically have clashed, they blended together to create something unique.

As our band of vans taxied us back to Eastern’s campus, we were greeted with yet another pizza dinner. However, this meal contrasted greatly with the first. We had only spent 144 hours together, and yet the bond we formed was already irreplaceable. Our previous expectations of college and one another were turned upside down and became something much greater than we could have ever imagined. And this, we found, is what the Templeton Honors College is all about.

– Grace Newman (’20) and Kaetlin Wienholt (’20)

Sunset over Forked Lake.

Sunset over Forked Lake.

The Cohort of 2016:

Carly Baker, Fairport, New York

Chiara Behm, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Christopher Bradam, Maryville, Tennessee

Jamie Bressmer, Floral Park, New York

Colin Burden, Mount Airy, Maryland

Giana Cirulli, Phoenix, Arizona

Rachel Covert, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

James Davenport, Preble, New York

Abigail Fell-DeWalt, Pine City, New York

Students and Student Staff on top of Mt. Algonquin.

Students and Student Staff on top of Mt. Algonquin.

Eric Galloway, Maple Shade, New Jersey

Grace Gonzalez, Hollywood, Florida

Hannah Gustafson, Chester, Vermont

Sarah Herring, Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Amber Huddell, Glenolden, Pennsylvania

Colin Jones, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

Jacob Kurtz, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Breanna Myers, Hagerstown, Maryland

Grace Newman, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Leonard Nguyen, Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Cleaning at the campsite.

Cleaning at the campsite.

Justin Nikles, Bath, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Parker, Evans, Colorado

Phillip Piper, Kitchener, Ontario

Juan Gabriel Quinodoz, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Benjamin Reichner, Roslyn, Pennsylvania

Ceara Shanahan, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Rachel Smith, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Marcelina Spencer, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Suzanne Staherski, San Jose, Costa Rica

Melissa Staley, Mount Airy, Maryland


Cohort 2016 at Matriculation.

Rebecca Stevens, Howes Cave, New York

Brooke Todd, Vineland, New Jersey

Anna Van Deventer, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Abigail Webb, Greensboro, North Carolina

Harrison White, Havertown, Pennsylvania

Kaetlin Wienholt, Littlestown, Pennsylvania



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