Staff Spotlight: Welcoming Kim Baltimore


Templeton’s new Director of Operations, Kim Baltimore.

Walking into Kim Baltimore’s office to interview her about her new position as Templeton Honors Director of Operations, I was immediately put at ease by her encouraging smile and warm greeting. Kim is currently transitioning to Templeton from her role as Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Vice Provost of Academic Operations at Eastern University.

Kim’s educational and professional background is impressive and varied. Kim began her education at Shippensburg, finishing her undergraduate work at University of Pennsylvania. She worked full-time at the school while taking classes part-time. Eventually she switched roles, working part-time and studying full-time. After graduating, she joined the support staff at University of Pennsylvania where she worked as a secretary, then administrative coordinator, and finally as an executive assistant. While there, she met many colleagues whom she considers lifelong friends. After marrying and moving to Maryland, Kim took on the role of Executive Assistant and Administrative Coordinator at the Dean’s office of Johns Hopkins University’s Nursing Department.

Kim’s first interaction with Eastern was through a hybrid course she took before she and her husband moved back to the Philadelphia area. The course paired online classes with occasional onsite meetings at the St. David’s campus. She spoke highly of her cohort experience through the program, which culminated in a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Kim has an obvious love for learning, becoming even more animated while discussing her research on intergenerational relationships in the church. She said that if she decides to get her PhD, she would love to write her dissertation on the effect of intergenerational relationships on young adults’ involvement in the church.

Kim’s focus on fostering good communication, which makes young adults feel heard and bridges gaps between generations, will be a great benefit to the Templeton community. Templeton is a place where students are taught to question and sit with their own confusion, bolstered by a community that seeks to understand and to learn together. Students’ college years are an especially intensive period of inquiry and study; Kim’s understanding of both the stress and the importance of this time will play an integral part to how she tackles her new role in the college.

In addition to her knowledge of the particular struggles of college students, Kim expresses confidence in the opportunities of a liberal arts education. When asked about her thoughts on liberal arts, Kim discussed how a liberal arts education opens students up to unlimited possibilities and pushes them to think differently. She remarked that liberal arts is “not limited to sciences, but adds to science. It is not limited to business, but adds to business.” Her belief is that liberal arts provides the opportunity for many voices to be added to conversation, “giving pause” to one another by proposing diverse opinions.

With such a strong belief in the power of liberal arts and conversation (an essential component of the Templeton education), Kim will help Templeton to grow in its existing strengths. At the same time, Kim has a vision for establishing greater unity between Templeton Honors College and Eastern University as a whole. After obtaining her Master’s in Organizational Leadership and moving back to the area, Kim worked closely with Dr. John Pauley in the Dean’s Office of the College of Arts of Sciences. She spoke highly of this past year of work in the office, which included working with most of the departments on campus. Her positivity about Eastern and her hope for a more unified future is a major asset that she brings with her to Templeton. A few of the ideas she shared with me about how to establish connectedness were to encourage Templeton students to be involved in chapel and Windows on the World, two weekly events that are advertised to the entire campus. Creating and encouraging conversation between Templeton and Eastern as a whole is a desire of many faculty and students, who would agree with Kim when she said, “We are one. It’s not a separate entity. We are one university.”

Templeton staff, faculty, and students are excited to have someone as qualified and engaging as Kim join our community. She brings with her years of experience with college students,a unique perspective of the difficulties students face during their particular stage of life, and a positive outlook on Templeton and liberal arts education as a whole.

Rachel Covert (’20) is a Templeton scholar who is considering an English Literature and/or Psychology major. She is currently an editor for the Waltonian, she loves to read and play piano, and she looks forward to studying abroad next year to expand her understanding of the world and of humanity.

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