The Value of the Templeton Student Council

In the Templeton Honors College, students are constantly learning about “Great Books” in their classes, and entering into “Great Conversations” with both their professors and peers on a daily basis. But what does it mean to live “Great Lives” at Eastern University? How are we as students to take our thoughts on the good life, justice, and virtue, and put them into practice? This is the role of Student Council in the Honors College: to help facilitate community and encourage the pursuit of virtue outside the classroom.

For those who may not know about Student Council, there are five different positions within the group. Two members serve on the Hospitality Committee and two other members lead the Service Learning Committee, while one member helps coordinate both teams. The job of the Hospitality Committee is to help cultivate a strong community between students from cohorts past and present. Some of their tasks include planning socials like the Winter Retreat, bringing snacks to Honors Forum, and providing meals for families in the college’s community. As for Service Learning, these members introduce freshman to different service project opportunities, approve service learning proposals, and encourage all students to be forming relationships with the people they serve.

As current members of the Service Learning and Hospitality Committees, Luke Megonigal and Rachel Covert share their thoughts on the purpose of Templeton’s Student Council. Luke comments, “The college facilitates some of the most important conversations concerning Justice, Truth, and Beauty. Through the Service Learning requirement, I’m able to participate in an expression of this education…I interface with other students and their Service Learning experiences. It’s spectacular to hear how my peers are serving their neighbors, and the neighbors of the Temple Honors College.” Rachel also states how student council can serve Eastern University as a whole: “we really care about the type of community we are cultivating in Templeton and we are able to be a voice within the student body. We are each individually committed to the type of learning and development Templeton offers, and together we hope to promote unity within the varied years and majors in the whole college.”

Therefore, it is the mission of Templeton Student Council to push students to build relationships with one another and habituate virtue by serving the university and community at large. If you’d like to get to know this semester’s student council, feel free to read the member spotlights below. And if you are a student and interested in serving on one of the committees, the council nominates new members each semester; please email if you have any questions.

Council Member Spotlights

Grace Newman ’20, president of the Student Council.

Grace Newman is a sophomore in the Honors College majoring in Middle Level Education with a concentration in Reading. She has served since January 2017, both on the Hospitality Committee and as head of Student Council. In addition, she enjoys giving tours for Eastern Admissions and introducing visitors to the beautiful campus.

Ian Wright is a senior in the Templeton Honors College, and has served on the Hospitality Committee since January 2017. He is  majoring in Theology, and also holds the title of President for the Theological Society. Ian enjoys working as a Resident Assistant for Gallup Hall.

Luke Megonigal is a junior in Templeton, and majors in Math with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering. While a member of the Service Learning Committee since January, he is also the treasurer of Sigma Zeta: the National Honors Society for Math and Science. He does his best to play piano for his family, stay on top of homework, and study the things that his education is leading him towards (including post-graduation opportunities).

Rachel Covert is a sophomore Psychology major in the 2016 cohort. She began working with the Hospitality Committee this fall semester. Rachel is also the A&E editor for the Waltonian and works on campus. In her free time, she enjoys reading literature, playing piano, and singing.

Colin Burden joined the Service Learning Committee this September, and is a sophomore in the Honors College. He is majoring in both Chemistry Business and Philosophy. While playing for Eastern’s Golf Team, he is also very involved with intramural sports on campus such as volleyball and basketball.

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