Staff Spotlight: Meganne Beach

We are excited to have Meganne Beach join the Templeton Staff as the new Director of Recruitment! Meganne began working with Paul Charles during the summer months and now is fully engaged in the fray of recruitment. We asked Meganne to share a little bit of her story, particularly reflections on her time in the undergraduate program at Eastern, how her time in Templeton shaped her experiences post-graduation, and the ways in which her education informs how she approaches the task of gathering together students in future cohorts.

My first interaction with the Templeton Honors College was a visit to campus to sit in on Dr. Yonan’s “TS Eliot” class.  The class walked down to the stream behind Sparrowk Hall and stood in the water as we read the lines “the river is a strong brown god.”  The conversation was patient, unhurried, and more thoughtful than any I had experienced at my high school.

Templeton Alumna Meganne Beach returns to the Honors College to work as Director of Recruitment.

Fast forward to my Matriculation ceremony, and despite my older sister being a Templeton senior, I still wasn’t quite sure what I was signing up for when I penned my name in the book of Templeton students. I would go on to be challenged to write simply and clearly –  forget the “five paragraph essay” doctrine or prefacing every thought with “Well in my opinion, my personal truth is…” before sharing in class. I met students who had a passion for discovering truth and their sense of wonder was contagious. I found myself considering what it means to be “the only animal whom [nature] has endowed with the gift of speech” in my Communication Studies classes, and I studied Martin Buber’s philosophy of dialogue for my senior thesis before graduating.  

As I left the hallowed halls of Fowler Hall, I went on to live abroad for a year after graduation.  Teaching English in a vocational high school challenged me to think about the nature of education and the good of reading The Odyssey or studying Dante for students who wanted to be plane mechanics.  As I encouraged the students to have conversations in English, I talked with them about the nature of work, a conversation underlied by one’s view on a good life, and from there we joined a conversation that is centuries old but by no means finished.

Coming back to work for the Templeton Honors College, I am thrilled to be able to spend my day telling people, some for the first time, about a Classical Christian education.  Now I get to help high schoolers navigate the daunting task of choosing a university and find teachers from all walks of life who are interested in becoming master learners first and master teachers second in our Masters of Arts in Classical Teaching.  I am overwhelmed with the shoes I have to fill, but confident that I have been prepared well by this same institution.


Meganne Beach (’17), graduated with a double major in Communication Studies and Spanish. After leaving the Honors College, Meganne spent a year working in Spain, and is now once again part of the Templeton community, this time on staff as the new Director of Recruitment.

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