Anthony Lawton Performs The Great Divorce

“Call it brilliantly-conceived, skillfully written, superbly executed, and you will have scratched the surface of it. Call it thrilling, wonder-filled, gut-wrenching, breath-taking, and you will be closer to the essence of it….I came away from that theatre feeling like I had experienced the full impact of C. S. Lewis’ creative power for the very first… Read more »

Advice for Incoming Freshman

Micah Skinner, a graduating senior from the Honors College, has attended the annual Honors camping trip in the Adirondacks all four years of his Templeton career, first as an incoming freshman himself and later as student staff. This is a list of advice he has composed to share with first years during the camping trip…. Read more »

A Lenten Reflection: The Importance of Fasting

Lent is one of the most unifying traditions in Christianity. Both Catholics and Protestant churches continue to celebrate Lent to this day, through both fasting and prayer. Yet in most of my experiences with Lent, there seems to be a casual indifference or reluctance to participate in this celebrated tradition. This is not to say… Read more »

Shark Tank: Senior Student Spotlight

It’s a Wednesday night, and graduating seniors Abigail Stevens and Jesse Whiteman are tired and stressed out. The following evening, they’ll be on stage for Eastern’s Shark-Tank competition, and they’ve just spent the last several hours working on their business proposal. As we sit down in the Jammin Java for this interview, I promise them… Read more »

Meditation on Morning Prayer and Compline

For those of us who have been honored with the opportunity to return on the Adirondacks camping trip as student staff, there’s an opportunity for the returning upperclassmen to give the incoming Freshmen a piece of advice they think is critical for flourishing in Templeton. Invariably, someone will exhort the incoming students to find a… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Suzi Staherski ’20

Last summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Pennsylvania Senator Robert “Bob” P. Casey Jr.’s office. This internship was an incredible learning experience for me as I was able to study firsthand how the people of Pennsylvania interact with their representatives, and how our representatives can serve us. The office I worked in hires… Read more »

On Food and Eating: Templeton Alumnus Dan LaVenture

Templeton’s “Everyday Ethics” series offers us all the opportunity to engage with a range of subjects that are at once deeply important and remarkably mundane. Dan LaVenture (Cohort of 2012) acknowledged this in his talk on food. Regardless of one’s level of interest in food, LaVenture encourages us to recognize that we are part of… Read more »

A Reflection on Goodbyes: Winter Retreat 2019

I’m sitting in a coffee shop reflecting on my recent return from my last winter retreat, thinking about Faust so I don’t have to think about saying any more goodbyes. Faust makes a deal with the devil; If I can experience just one moment of perfect happiness, says Faust, I will in that moment drop… Read more »

Summer Scholars Program: Tolkien, Friendship, and Finding a Home

It was the last day of Summer Scholars. We were at the barbeque by the pool, burgers and hotdogs were sizzling on the grill, students were dipping their feet in the water and splashing each other, friends were promising to keep in touch. I remember sitting under a tree, watching all of this, and thinking,… Read more »

Social Science and the Liberal Arts

Technically speaking, social science has no place in the classical liberal arts.  The social sciences, as we know them today, were not part of the trivium or the quadrivium.  The social sciences do not emerge until the 19th century and are intrinsically modern inventions. In fact, they arise in response to many of the social,… Read more »