A Reflection on Freshman Chorale

This fall, I walked over to Workman Hall in order to join the Cohort of 2018 for the weekly meeting of “Freshmen Chorale” (as the Registrar’s Office calls it). This course was added to the required curriculum of the Templeton Honors College two years ago as the first piece of then-Dean Jonathan Yonan’s vision to… Read more »

Senior Interview with Luke Megonigal

The transitional period from life at Eastern University to life after graduation is a unique and intriguing space to occupy. Luke Megonigal is currently in such a place as he anticipates the transition from student to graduate. He was kind enough to share his reflections on his time here as well as his hopes and… Read more »

Lessons and Carols: Rhythms of Life in the Templeton Honors College

The rhythms of life in a community are comforting and call to memory the same celebration in the years preceding; from small rhythms such as church on Sundays, to the more elaborate celebrations like Thanksgiving and Christmas that may entail a wider range of family and friends and span a few days. The Templeton Honors… Read more »

Studying the Classics: Chiara Behm, Cohort of 2016

Chiara Behm ‘20, is a Junior in the Honors College and has been intricately involved in Templeton’s life on campus. She has designed her own classics major, spent a week in Rome learning Latin, worked for Dr. Williams this past summer, served on student council, and is currently studying abroad in Oxford. Chiara has graciously… Read more »

Peter A. Benoliel on the Value of the Humanities

Every Templeton student eagerly awaits the yearly email that bestows him or her with the opportunity to receive tickets to a play, opera, ballet, or concert, all thanks to the Benoliel Arts & Culture Series. While students in the Templeton Honors College are extremely grateful to Peter A. Benoliel, patron of the Benoliel Arts &… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Sarai Gonzalez ’21

During her junior year of high school, Sarai Gonzalez found her email inbox overflowing with advertisements from numerous colleges. While she normally would not go through all of these messages, an email from the Templeton Honors College caught her eye. After reading a description about the 2016 Summer Scholars Program, Sarai decided to make the… Read more »

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jeffrey Dill

For Dr. Dill, “Sociology helps us understand what it means to be human.” He says that sociology is one tool he uses to better understand how humans interact with each other, both in how they shape their cultures and how they are shaped by their cultures.   Dr. Dill is a professor of two courses… Read more »

Brennan Kastens (’19) Awarded Mathematics Scholarship

Brennan Kastens has always been good at math. “I like it because I think very logically, from step to step,” he says, “and I also like knowing when I’m right or wrong, and so even when I don’t know how I’m gonna get there, I know there is a way to get there.” As a… Read more »

From Great Books to Great Gardens: Catching up with Jessica Nielsen (’17)

Jessica Nielsen, Eastern alumna (’17) and member of the Cohort of 2013, recently began a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at Auburn University after graduating Eastern with a major in History and minors in both Environmental Science and Biology. Though Landscape Architecture might at first appear unrelated to the Great Books, Jess explains how her… Read more »

Why ADK? Beginning with Friendship and Leisure on the Templeton Camping Trip

According to Honors College tradition, incoming Templeton freshmen will move into their dorms early–this year, on Saturday, 20 August. Over pizza that evening they will meet each other, student and senior staff, and Brian Williams, Dean of the Templeton Honors College. After a night in a strange bed, an early breakfast, and devotions, everyone piles… Read more »