Peter A. Benoliel on the Value of the Humanities

Every Templeton student eagerly awaits the yearly email that bestows him or her with the opportunity to receive tickets to a play, opera, ballet, or concert, all thanks to the Benoliel Arts & Culture Series. While students in the Templeton Honors College are extremely grateful to Peter A. Benoliel, patron of the Benoliel Arts &… Read more »

Anticipating the 2018 Summer Scholars Program

  Since 2013, the Summer Scholars Program has been an integral part of our Templeton calendar. As soon as commencement is over and our undergrad students depart for the summer, we begin looking forward to high school sophomores and juniors arriving on campus in July. They come from across the United States and further afield… Read more »

Caring For Creation: Learning to Live Well in New Zealand

This past spring semester I studied abroad in New Zealand with Creation Care Study Program (CCSP). Although studying abroad is a classic college experience for many students, this semester was different from a typical study abroad program. I lived on the South Island of New Zealand in a house with 19 other students, in a… Read more »

Introducing Templeton’s Master of Arts in Teaching

Drawing students toward the True, the Good, and the Beautiful through education is our passion at the Templeton Honors College. Deepening our commitment to this vision, we are thrilled to announce the summer 2018 launch of a new graduate degree program, the Master of Arts in Teaching with a Concentration in Classical Education, designed specifically… Read more »

Welcoming Dr. Lia Howard

Dr. Lia Howard is the new Executive Director of the Agora Institute and a Professor of Political Science and Liberal Studies in the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University. Prior to joining Agora she taught American Politics in the Political Science Department at Saint Joseph’s University. Prior to this Dr. Howard was a Critical Writing… Read more »

What Are We Reading? Reviews by Dr. Childers and Austin Detwiler ’13

This piece is the first of a new series in which Templeton students, alumni, and professors share reviews of what they’ve been reading.  Dr. Kristen Childers “Reading now” is probably a bit of an overstatement, since I always feel like I don’t have enough time for reading outside of my academic field—but at present I’m… Read more »

From Mercy Ships to Manuscripts: Catching Up with Hannah Thyberg ’12

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Hannah Thyberg, Templeton and Eastern Alumna ’12, and in doing my research was immediately impressed with the projects she is affiliated with and the immense and positive impact of those projects, including  Mercy Ships and contributions to a recently published book. Upon receiving her responses I was again… Read more »

Reflections on Templeton’s Old Testament Course

Christina Herring ’21 is a current Templeton freshman just finishing up with the Old Testament course taught by Dr. Fred Putnam that all freshmen take during the Fall semester. These are her reflections on what she’s learned from it. It would seem that if a course is titled “Old Testament” one would assume that its purpose would… Read more »

The Crucible: A Flawed Play, Well-Performed

  Templeton junior Anthony Barr ‘19 recently attended Eastern University Theater Department performance of The Crucible. These are his reflections on the play and performance. Eastern University’s theater department recently performed Arthur Miller’s award-winning play The Crucible. As with any play, The Crucible only succeeds where its cast is strong, and Eastern’s cast was more… Read more »