A Letter to a Young Philosophy Student: Alyssa Mallgrave (’13)

Dear Young Philosophy Student, You are living the dream. You might not realize it as you pull all-nighters trying to solve the problem of evil whilst employing excellent prose and incorporating only the most acclaimed source material, but you are. Your job right now is to read, write, talk, and listen, and nothing is at… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Jocelyn Paul (’15)

When asked to reflect on her intellectual and spiritual journey in the Templeton Honors College, graduate Jocelyn Paul responds, “The past four years have been first and foremost an education in love. Together, we have sought to love and understand both God and others. And it seems to me that the best way to pursue… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Brent Keath (’16)

Not many college sophomores can say that they own and operate their own business. Even fewer have written and published a novel. But for Templeton scholar Brent Keath, these two accomplishments are simply part of the daily routine of studying and creating, learning and innovating. Hailing from Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Brent is currently pursuing a degree… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Abbie Storch (’16)

“Ever since I was really small, I always felt that the world could be best explained to me through reading stories. Words have power to speak to something beyond what we can see in front of us; stories convey most powerfully the truth,” Templeton junior Abbie Storch reflects. For Abbie, Templeton has been a place… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Carolyn Sigman (’18)

“In Western Civilization, we read St. Anselm’s ontological argument and were discussing the eternal nature of God, and then I thought about the concept of infinity in math. The humanities and mathematics aren’t as different as you might think,” Carolyn Sigman reflects. Though Carolyn is a first-year in the Templeton Honors College, she is no… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Zach Custer

While he has always been interested in science, second-year Templeton student Zach Custer cites a high school science fair project as the experience which solidified his desire to major in Chemistry. For five months during his junior year of high school in Lancaster, PA, he worked diligently in the lab to develop a novel method… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Christin (Klaassen) Soly

This October, at the Templeton Alumni Reunion, we had the pleasure of awarding Mrs. Christin (Klaassen) Soly with the first annual Templeton Alumni Award. The Templeton Alumni Award is given to graduates who have exemplified the qualities, values, and philosophy of the Templeton Honors College, namely a commitment to integrity, character, and a love of… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Emily Golden (’18)

Conversation is central to the education at the Templeton Honors College, and there is no better way to foster good conversation than to bring together individuals with diverse perspectives. No two students are the same, and as a result, the community of inquiry is strengthened. Part of what makes freshman Emily Golden a unique addition… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Arna McArtney

One of the foundational questions which Templeton students wrestle with is how to balance the active life with the contemplative life. As a Templeton third-year and Economic Development major, Arna McArtney seems to be well on her way to discerning how to achieve this balance. A self-declared nomad originally from New Zealand, Arna is well… Read more »