From Finance to Forensics: Templeton Students’ Summer Experiences

When summertime rolls around, you can find many college students sleeping in and relaxing on the beach. But for a lot of Templeton students, summer is just another opportunity to use the tools Templeton has provided them with to learn and broaden their horizons. Here are just a few highlights of our students’ summer accomplishments…. Read more »

Staff Spotlight: Welcoming Kim Baltimore

  Walking into Kim Baltimore’s office to interview her about her new position as Templeton Honors Director of Operations, I was immediately put at ease by her encouraging smile and warm greeting. Kim is currently transitioning to Templeton from her role as Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and… Read more »

What I (Re)Learned About Truth, Conversation, and Love in Singapore

With my first year of college under my belt, I embarked on a new journey—an international journey. In the spring semester, my family announced that they would be permanently moving to Singapore. Goodbye to my old home and community, and welcome to a different country, culture, and climate. Many things I learned from my freshman year… Read more »

From the Dean: On the Work of Loving the World

Gerard Manley Hopkins begins one of his most famous poems with the line: “The world is charged with the grandeur of God.” E. E. Cummings begins one of his with “i thank you God for most this amazing day.” And Mary Oliver one of hers with “My work is loving the world.” I didn’t know… Read more »

Reality and Grace in The Great Divorce

This summer, the high school students participating in the Templeton Honors College Summer Scholars Program of 2017 had the privilege of attending a performance of The Great Divorce, a stage adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s Classic, by the actor Tony Lawton. Anthony Barr (’19), a Templeton Scholar and teaching assistant for the Summer Scholars Program, attended… Read more »

Welcome to the Cohort of 2017!

Welcome to the Templeton Honors College, Cohort of 2017! As the summer draws to a close, the fear and excitement about freshman year only intensifies until move-in day. Freshman year is such a formative year, full of potential. The community that you’re involved in will shape you more than you are even aware; in the… Read more »

Dr. Walter Huddell Earns Full Professorship

The list of faculty in the Templeton Honors College who have earned full professorship includes Drs. Phillip Cary, Steven Boyer, David Bradstreet, and Gary Jenkins. Dr. Walter Huddell’s name can now be added to that impressive list. Dr. Huddell earned a master’s degree from West Chester and another master’s degree and his doctorate from Bryn… Read more »

Tenure Granted to Dr. Frederic Putnam

Dr. Frederic Clarke Putnam is well-known around the Eastern University campus. Some people recognize him by his tidy ponytail, others by the scooter which is his preferred mode of transportation, others for his enthusiasm for art and architecture, or for his ready appeal to great poetry to illustrate almost any point, or for his easy… Read more »

Why ADK? Beginning with Friendship and Leisure on the Templeton Camping Trip

According to Honors College tradition, incoming Templeton freshmen will move into their dorms early–this year, on Saturday, 20 August. Over pizza that evening they will meet each other, student and senior staff, and Brian Williams, Dean of the Templeton Honors College. After a night in a strange bed, an early breakfast, and devotions, everyone piles… Read more »