Student Spotlight: Katherine Vance (’17)

With her kind and enchanting demeanor, Templeton sophomore Katherine Vance exudes an air of tranquility. Perhaps her unassuming confidence was formed, in part, by her delightfully unconventional upbringing – while ordinary teenagers might spend their summers by the pool, Katherine was competing in horse shows along the cliffs of Dover or traveling with her family… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Josh Meservey

At the Templeton Honors College we believe that in order to understand the present we must look intently into the past. Far from impractical, the study of history proves essential to discerning how best to think about contemporary issues. From his work abroad in Zambia and Kenya to his current position in a Washington, D.C…. Read more »

Student Spotlight: Carolyn Wason (’18)

“How can we use anthropology and sustainable development to preserve culture, to preserve community, to give everyone a place in the world? That’s what keeps me going, aside from the sheer adventure of going to a place that’s totally unknown.” This is how Templeton sophomore Carolyn Wason explains her passion for ethnography and anthropology, a… Read more »

Jay Renfro (Alumnus, ’13)

Jay Renfro comes from Brentwood, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Jay was drawn to Eastern by the stories of notable alumni who were serving hurting people, and he wanted to be a part of the action. He majored in Environmental Studies, spending his semester abroad doing herpetology research in Costa Rica.  After graduating Templeton in… Read more »

The Benjamin T. Carr Memorial Prize

The Benjamin T. Carr Memorial Prize was established in 2011 to honor Benjamin Carr, who graduated from the Templeton Honors College in 2006, and sadly died in September 2007. Ben arrived on campus in 2002, bounding with energy and searching for adventure. He was excited and eager to meet people, tenacious in his search for… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Kaylena Radcliffe (’11)

With a full-time editing career, a new book release, and a baby on the way, for Templeton alumna Kaylena Radcliffe (B.A. English Literature) there is never a dull moment. As a fellow English major and writer, I was delighted to meet with Kaylena and find out about her recent accomplishments and the next steps. Abbie:… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Anna Szenczy

It is not unusual to find a Templeton Honors College student doing something interesting over summer break, like biking across America or chasing the great American Chestnut. However, it is not every year that a Templeton student has the opportunity to spend the summer working for the Foreign Affairs Office of the Hungarian Parliament, as… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Joanna Schlatter

When asked why she transferred from a rigorous music conservatory into the Templeton Honors College, senior Joanna Schlatter responds, “At West Chester School of Music, my academic pursuit was performance perfection. But I wanted a more holistic education—I wanted to learn how to think and use my judgment as well as improve my musicianship.” Not… Read more »

Student Spotlight: John Gallagher

One of the most important qualities a student can cultivate is the desire to explore and discover. For Templeton first-year John Gallagher, it comes naturally. Hailing from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, John plans to enroll in Eastern University’s five-year engineering program in conjunction with Villanova University. He will spend three years completing his Templeton coursework as… Read more »

Student Spotlight: Drew An Brubaker

One outstanding characteristic of the Templeton Honors College is the diversity of the students that join the community each year. This year’s newest members, the cohort of 2012, are no exception—especially considering that one person in this particular group is a queen. A PA State Fair Queen, to be exact—and her name is Drew An… Read more »