Contract Honors

Contract Honors is an opportunity for Eastern University students who are not otherwise able to be a part of the Templeton Honors College. Through Contract Honors students are able to take individual Templeton courses without being a full-time student within Templeton. This option allows students to benefit from the experience and expertise of our engaging Templeton professors and participate in the Great Books seminars taken by all Templeton students.

Contract Honors is available on a semester-by-semester basis, and is dependent on the availability of courses. Students who opt for Contract Honors are eligible to take Templeton courses at the same level as their course of study (i.e. a junior in Contract Honors may take Templeton courses at a 300 level or below). Students interested in pursuing Contract Honors must have their course selection approved by the Dean of the Templeton Honors College and their academic advisor.

In some cases, those who pursue Contract Honors during their first year are able to transfer in and become full-time Templeton Honors College students at the beginning of their sophomore year. This opportunity is dependent on available space within the matriculating cohort and the student’s achievement of a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or above during their first year, as well as positive references from the Templeton professors with whom they have studied.