Vol.2, No.1

 St.Davids Reader CoverContents

  • “Jars of Clay: An Invitation to Christian Education (Steven Boyer)
  • Moral Lessons in Plutarch’s Lives of Alcibiades and Coriolanus (John Basilici)
  • Feminism, Sexual Difference, and the Body: Three Views
    • View 1: The Dignity of Sexual Difference (Leah [Beach] Sioma)
    • View 2: The Meaning of Man and Woman (Alicia Beach)
    • View 3: Deformed to Reformed: Aristotle’s Presentation of Women and Feminist Scholar’s Responses (Rebecca Herold)
  • The Faithfulness of the Father (Christina [Visher] Brubaker and Redmond Brubaker)
  • In Defense of God’s Glory (Jonathan Yonan)
  • “Heartless Voids”: The Competing Chronotypes in Moby-Dick (Julia Walls)
  • Prayer of Invocation (Jeffrey Dill)