Templeton Alumni Award Nomination

The purpose of the Templeton Alumni Award is to honor a person who, since graduating, has exemplified the values of the Templeton Honors College: Truth and Learning, Wisdom and Virtue, Stewardship and Service. The Award is not to be primarily a marker of service to the College, or of professional aptitude, or even of prestige, however good these things may be. Rather, the Award is intended to honor people who are living out well-integrated and upright lives in work, family, church, neighborhood, culture, and society.
Any member of the Templeton alumni community is invited to nominate any other Templeton alumnus or alumna. Please be sure to review our College Values before submitting your nomination. 

Alumni Award Nomination

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  • In 100 words or fewer, please explain why this alum has exemplified the values of the Templeton Honors College since graduation.