Agora Fellows

The Agora Institute for Civic Virtue and the Common Good is pleased to invite all Templeton Honors College students from all cohorts to consider a position as an Agora Fellow —calls for applications generally go out in the late Spring semester for the following year.

Agora A

Agora Fellow and Templeton Scholar, Mary, speaks with Archbishop Chaput.

Agora was established to nurture and sustain free and humane citizens and their service to the common good. Its purpose is to cultivate open and honest inquiry into the fundamental virtues, truths, values, and habits required for human flourishing within a free and ordered society, while promoting quality interdisciplinary research and programs.

In Athens, the agora was the place for free and open assembly of the citizens. Not only were goods and services traded, but also ideas, arguments, viewpoints, and political positions. The Agora Institute is dedicated to the notion that a free people require those virtues of free and honest inquiry and exchange of ideas. For more information, consult their webpage at

Closely aligned in purpose with Templeton, the Agora Institute is an interdisciplinary research center working in the Boston-D.C. corridor and collaborating with faculty and students at the Templeton Honors College and Eastern University in a variety of projects, including independent research, publishing, lectures, and conferences.

Agora C

Agora Fellows and Templeton Scholars, Austin and Rob, conversing with editor of First Things, Rusty Reno.

The opportunities an Agora Fellow has include:

  • Active involvement in the research and writing of the Co-Directors
  • Possible academic credit at Eastern as a Research Assistant
  • Editing and research for publications, both online and print
  • Participation in weekly research group, including copies of texts
  • Membership in ongoing academic community addressing contemporary social and political theory as it relates to current issues in economics, education, philosophy, social science, politics, bioethics
  • Attendance and supported travel to lectures and conferences
  • Opportunity to meet nationally recognized scholars, journalists, business leaders, and public intellectuals
  • Mentorship and support in applying for internships, fellowships, and graduate school
  • Active involvement in grant-writing and administration of Agora

Past and current fellows have received internships or admission to a wide variety of academic and employment positions, including: Compass Ion Investments, Boston College, Villanova University, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Witherspoon Institute, Hertog Program, Alliance Defending Freedom, and many others.

Spots are limited and competitive—it is not likely that all applicants can be accepted. Only those students committed to serious and active involvement and with adequate time (40 hrs per semester) to meet responsibilities should apply; students failing to discharge their responsibilities will be removed from the program.