Alumni Giving Back

Here are some ways you can give back to the Honors College and help current students:

“Last year I prayed that working 40+ hours per week would pay for my third semester, but by May I knew I couldn’t afford to return… Thanks to your generosity, I can continue to pursue my education at Eastern.  Moreover, I can now devote time to extracurriculars rather than full-time work. Thank you for supporting my education and the Templeton Honors College; I am deeply grateful.”

  • Make a donation to the Student Aid Fund, which helps students with smaller, non-tuition needs, such as books, emergency medical expenses, and travel costs.

” In May 2019, I experienced a serious medical emergency during finals week and was unable to fly home. Your thoughtful gifts allowed my mother and me to stay at an Airbnb while I recovered, and because I was unable to fly, your gifts helped us make our drive back to my home. Thank you for your incredible generosity.”

Visit this page for even more ways to give.