Benoliel Art and Culture Series


The Benoliel Art and Culture Series at the Templeton Honors College was established to ensure that future Templeton scholars will enjoy access to the very highest quality fine and performing arts as a part of their liberal arts education at Templeton. Peter A. Benoliel is Chairman Emeritus of Quaker Chemical Corporation and a longtime friend of the Templeton Honors College. Mr. Benoliel served as CEO of Quaker for 25 years, on a number of corporate and philanthropic boards in addition to being the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (1989-1992). He continues to be an avid student of the liberal arts and an enthusiastic violinist.

Speaking of what motivated him to establish this series, Mr. Benoliel writes, “Among my earliest memories is the ecstasy I felt on hearing classical music, followed by the thrill of going to Philadelphia Orchestra concerts at age 7. It was not many years later that I attended live theater – Walter Hampton in The Patriots and Ethel Barrymore in How Green Was My Valley. Ballet and opera performances followed in my adolescent years. I cannot begin to describe the pleasure and happiness that pervades my being as I experience the performing arts – igniting my intellect, touching my heart and exalting my spirit. The purpose of this Series is to afford students similar experiences to complement their studies, thus to have another window on man’s creativity and the human condition.”

The Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Benoliel Art Series:

Please plan to arrive at least half an hour early to any of these events. 1 HF credit each.

Date Event
10-22-16 (8:00 PM) Philadelphia Orchestra, performing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, 1812 Overture, and other works at the Kimmel Center
11-3-16 (8:00 PM) Philadelphia Orchestra, performing Brahms’ Symphony No. 2 at the Kimmel Center
11-15-16 (7:30 PM) Academy of Vocal Arts, performing Verdi’s Rigoletto at The Haverford School
3-13-17 (7:30 PM) Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, presenting Mark Padmore, tenor, and Jonathan Biss, piano at the Kimmel Center
3-18-17 (7:30 PM) Academy of Vocal Arts, presenting Jubilate! A Concert of Sacred Music at Church of the Redeemer
3-23-17 (8:00 PM) Shakespeare’s Coriolanus
3-30-17 (8:00 PM) Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest at the Walnut Street Theater