Student Government

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The Student Council is composed of five regularly elected Templeton students who serve the Templeton Honors College by managing certain vital aspects of collegiate life and contributing to the ongoing conversation about the future life of the college. Responsibilities and duties of the student council include, but are not limited to:

  • Monthly meetings with the dean of the Templeton Honors College or another faculty representative.
  • Giving reports, proposing business, and giving advice at semesterly Templeton faculty meetings.
  • Facilitating semesterly Town Hall Meetings with the Templeton student body to report and deliberate on various Templeton matters.
  • Managing student-led hospitality.
  • Establishing and steering the Service Learning Committee which reviews and governs the service learning projects.
  • Establishing and steering the Student Diaconal Council, which responds to requests for financial assistance from the Student Aid Fund, disburses resources in the Student Aid Fund, and seeks continued support for the Student Aid Fund from the Templeton student body.
  • Develops new student-led initiatives for student life within the Templeton Honors College, including the development of strategic proposals with appropriate financial projections.