Holman’s Dictionary of the Bible

A Bible dictionary is an indispensable resource for all Bible students. In print, the Holman Bible Dictionary ,first published in 1991, is nearly 1,500 pages. It has articles that cover every Bible character and place, and even introductions to every book in the Bible. There are also extensive articles on the culture of Bible times;… Read more »

Self, Community, World: Moravian Education in a Transatlantic World

This book traces Moravian communal and educational practices and the techniques of the self. The focus of the volume is not a nation-state but a community that was cosmopolitan by the very standards of the eighteenth-century world. This book answers questions by exploring Moravian culture at three different but closely intertwined levels: the place of… Read more »

Inner Grace: Augustine in the Traditions of Plato and Paul

This book is, along with Outward Signs (OUP 2008), a sequel to Phillip Cary’s Augustine and the Invention of the Inner Self (OUP 2000). In this work, Cary traces the development of Augustine’s epochal doctrine of grace, arguing that it does not represent a rejection of Platonism in favor of a more purely Christian point… Read more »

Evolution in Astrophysics: IUE Astronomy in the Era of New Space Missions

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