Speakers & Lectures

BoyerHSSteven Boyer

  • A Perilous Passion: C. S. Lewis’s Love of Hierarchy
  • Placating an Angry God and other Misleading Bits of Christian Orthodoxy
  • The Mystery of God: Theology for Knowing the Unknowable

BradstreetHSDavid Bradstreet

  • Eclipsing Binaries: What They Tell us about the Universe
  • What the Heavens Declare: Astronomy and Christianity
  • Abraham’s Story and the Validity of Divine Inspiration

CaryHSPhillip Cary

  • Who is God?  The Trinitarian answer
  • The Non-being of Evil in God’s Good World: The Augustinian View
  • Reason and the Vision of Truth (Plato and Augustine)

DillHSJeffrey Dill

  • Schooling as Storytelling: The Narratives of Global Citizenship Education
  • The Lost Language of Virtue? Parental Challenges of Raising Children for Independence & Autonomy
  • Bridging the Gap: Why the Social Sciences Need the Humanities

HallHSChristopher Hall

  • The Good Life
  • Reading the Bible with the Church Fathers
  • Lessons on Spiritual Formation from the Ancient Church

HuddellHSWalter Huddell

  • Applied Mathematics: The Divine Nature Revealed in Creation
  • Pure Mathematics: Mathematics in the Mind of God
  • Fallenness, Finitude, and Mathematical Certainty

JenkinshSGary Jenkins

  • From Simon the Magician to Dan Brown: the quest for another Jesus
  • The Consequences of an Unexamined Life: Why Christians need the Liberal Arts
  • Nietzsche among the Theologians: the Christian Origins of Modern Atheism

LeeHSMichael Lee

  • Why Study the Past?
  • The History of Biblical Inerrancy
  • The American Revolution as an Intellectual Event

PutnamHSFrederic Putnam

  • Truth at a Slant: Metaphors in Scripture
  • Learning, Teaching, Life: Ends and Means
  • Reading with Imagination

RichardsHSAmy Richards

  • Constant Conversion: Living into Truly Trinitarian Theology
  • Incarnation and the Virtual Classroom
  • Defending Docility as a Virtue

SnellHSRJ Snell

  • Lovers First, Then Thinkers: The Purpose of Christian Education
  • A Reasonable Faith: Natural Law and Moral Knowledge
  • The Terrible Covenant of Sloth: Limits, Order, and Human Work

YonanHSJonathan Yonan

  • The Idea of the University in a Digital Age
  • A Case for Nobility in an Age of Cynicism
  • Education as a Work of Hope