Summer Scholars Sessions

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July 2020 Summer Scholars Sessions (past sessions in June 2020 below)



Date and Time

Psalms of Lament for Troubled Times (see recording)

Dr. David Taylor, Fuller Seminary

July 2nd @ 3 PM EDT

Navigating College Entrance Exams: The ACT, SAT, and CLT (see recording)

Jeremy Tate, Founder and CEO, Classical Learning Test (CLT)

July 7th @ 3 PM EDT

Can We Teach Math as a Liberal Art? (see recording)

Ravi Jain, author, The Liberal Arts Tradition

July 9th @ 3 PM EDT

Vocation, Career, and the Liberal Arts

Meganne Beach, Templeton Honors College ('17), Director of Recruitment

July 14th @ 3 PM EDT

Karma and the Justice of God

Dr. Steven Boyer, Professor of Theological Studies, Eastern University

July 16th @ 3 PM EDT

Books of the Living Dead

Joshua Gibbs, Author, Something They Will Not Forget:  A Handbook for Classical Teachers

July 21st @ 3 PM EDT

(re)Narrating the Story of Faith & Science

Dr. Ard Louis, Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford

July 23rd @ 3 PM EDT

A Problematic Vocation:  Being a Math Major at a Liberal Arts University

Brandi Henry, Templeton Honors College ('17), Math PhD Student at Temple University

July 28th @ 3 PM EDT

What is the Templeton Honors College?

Dr. Brian Williams, Dean of the Templeton Honors College

July 30th @ 3 PM EDT

June 2020 Summer Scholars Sessions



Date and Time

Fantasy and the Friendship between CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien (see recording)

Dr. Michael Ward, University of Oxford

June 2nd @ 3 PM EDT

On Building the COVID19 Research Core (see recording)

Dr. Allison Greenplate, Templeton Honors College ('11), Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Pennsylvania

June 4th @ 3 PM EST

George MacDonald, JRR Tolkien, and the World of Faerie (see recording)

Dr. Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson, Freelance Writer and Lecturer

June 9th @ 3 PM EDT

Why Keep the Sabbath? (see recording)

Dr. Phillip Cary, Scholar-in-Residence, Eastern University

June 11th @ 3 PM EDT

Tolkien's Elfin Magic and the Liberal Arts (see recording)

Dr. Gary Jenkins, Van Gorden Professor in History at Eastern University

June 16th @ 3 PM EDT

Gabriel's Horn: How can something have an Infinite surface and yet a Finite volume? (see recording)

Dr. Walter Huddell, Chair of Mathematics Department at Eastern University

June 18th @ 3 PM EDT

Are the Ents, Elves, and Hobbits of The Lord of the Rings human? (see recording)

Dr. Fred Putnam, Professor of Bible & Liberal Studies at Eastern University

June 23rd @ 7 PM EDT **TIME CHANGED**

The Role of Art in the Good Life (see recording)

Dr. Kendall Cox, Director of Academic Affairs for Templeton at Eastern University

June 25th @ 3 PM EDT

LOTR:  Between the printed page and the silver screen

Jeffrey Overstreet´╗┐, Film Critic, Novelist, and Author of Through a Screen Darkly

June 30th @ 3 PM EDT

More sessions for July will be announced soon!